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Posted By | July 30, 2018 9:06 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

  • Why is it dangerous for Trump to press our NATO allies to pay their fair share, but not dangerous for them to not be spending on their military as they promised?
  • Why are we being bad allies to insist on fair trade, but they are not being bad allies to insist on taking advantage of us?
  • If President Obama caused our good economy, why wasn’t it good when he was president?
  • If business leaders so liked what President Obama did, why didn’t they cash out and sit it out when Donald Trump said he would do the exact opposite?
  • If Trump is such a racist, why are the unemployment numbers for minorities at historical lows, exactly as he promised? Didn’t he say to the minority community, “What the h.- e. – double hockey sticks have you got to lose?
  • Why is it the United State’s responsibility to take care of illegal immigrant children when they are here illegally? Why can’t we ship them to their country of origin and let them find their parents or take care of them?
  • If an election could be “rigged,” wouldn’t the Democrats have already done it?
  • If the Russians helped Trump win an election by releasing accurate copies of records from the various Democrat emails and websites… Doesn’t that really mean they just told the truth, and the truth changed the election?
  • If President Trump’s supporters are the violent ones, why is it they were the ones getting beaten up all during Trump’s primary election?
  • If Donald Trump is so obviously guilty of colluding with the Russians to steal the election, why are they having to break the law and taking so long to uncover proof of his guilt? Don’t all these Democrats say he’s an idiot?
  • If President Trump is such a racist. Why did he get all kinds of awards from the minority community right up until he ran for president? Did he suddenly become a racist at 70 years old?
  • If Democrats are so concerned about minority communities, why are almost all of the big cities with large minority communities and education and crime issues run by Democrats? Why don’t they solve these problems if they care so much? Non-minority communities in those same cities don’t have these problems?
  • If Socialism works so well, why is Venezuela such a mess? And why does Socialism fail every time it is tried?
  • Why do Democrats always talk about illegal immigrants picking our crops when so many of them live in big cities like Chicago and New York?
  • For years, Democrats told us illegal immigration does not affect our wages. So why when President Trump started clamping down on the border do economists say that is causing wages to rise, and Democrat politicians say there is a labor shortage? I thought illegal immigrants weren’t depressing wages in the USA?
  • If President Trump is so ignorant, how has he caused manufacturing to start increasing in America causing high paying manufacturing jobs to increase? Didn’t President Obama say those jobs were gone forever?
  • Futurists are predicting low skill labor jobs will be performed by robots in the next few decades. What will all these illegal aliens do then if we make them citizens? (Other than vote “Democrat”?)
  • If Republicans are for smaller government, why aren’t they cutting budgets in the departments as President Trump requested?
  • Why did Republicans in the House refuse to fund Attorney General Sessions’ solution to the catch and release problem?
  • If Democrats are so concerned about separating parents from their children, why didn’t they solve the problem when President Obama was doing it at twice the present rate?
  • Why did Republican senators vote against repealing Obamacare when it mattered, when they had voted to repeal Obamacare so many times before when they didn’t have the votes?
  • Why should any Republican member of Congress that is not supporting the Republican president be returned to office?
  • If Christians do not vote for Christians or at least conservative leadership for our country, how can they claim to have Christian values in their lives?

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  1. Comment by Mamie Guy

    July 30, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Agree. Really great points. Thanks

  2. Comment by Sharon Griffith

    August 4, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    Loved it. I wish everyone would ponder these points. Thank you.

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