TN Meth Task Force director conducts training in Sparta

Posted By | April 29, 2010 12:00 am

Members of emergency services and landfill employees were among several who attended a recent methamphetamine training session conducted by TBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Tommy Farmer, who is also the director of Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force.
Farmer’s vast knowledge of the subject provided attendees with a much deeper insight of the meth epidemic. With his PowerPoint presentation as a secondary source of information, Farmer did most of his talking strictly from memory – a memory of the numerous clandestine labs he has encountered during his many years in law enforcement.
Farmer stressed to the crowd the signs of a meth lab, which include:
•Frequent visitors at all times of the day or night
•Activity at the house at odd hours or late at night
•Occupants appear unemployed yet seem to have plenty of money and pay bills with cash
•Occupant watch cars suspiciously when the pass by
•Occupants display a paranoid or odd behavior
•Extensive security at the home or signs that indicate “private property” or “beware of dog,” fences, large shrubs, bushes and trees
•Windows blackened or curtains always drawn
•Occupants go outside the house to smoke cigarettes
•Chemicals odors coming from the house, garbage or detached building
•Garbage contains numerous bottles, containers and materials
•Coffee filters, bed sheets or other material stained from filtering red phosphorus or other chemicals
•Occupant sets his garbage for pick up in another neighbor’s collection area
•Evidence of chemical or waste dumping
According to Farmer, every pound of methamphetamine produces or attempted leaves behind approximately 6 pounds of toxic waste.
The total meth lab seizure incidents, in 2009, in Tennessee, totaled 1,437, with 1,269 lab arrests.
From Jan. 1, 2010 through March 2010, Tennessee recorded 482 meth lab seizures. For this same three-month span in 2009, Tennessee recorded 362. The number of seizures thus far in 2010, according to Farmer, puts Tennessee on a pace for the possible seizure of approximately 1,925, which would be the largest number of seizures in Tennessee history.

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