Tomfoolery disguised as justice

Posted By | November 25, 2019 10:33 am

The Right Stuff – By Donald Holman

Impeachment is a serious matter in that it undoes the results of our only national election.  The founders debated whether to even include it in the Constitution for fear of the divisive nature of the act. In my lifetime there have been two impeachments. One that started with a burglary, the other perjury and suborning perjury. There were members of each party voting both ways in every phase of the process. But the vote to commence this farce was completely partisan.

With such a partisan start, a patriot would have bent over backward to protect the rights of the minority in order to persuade the public that the Democrats were only interested in seeing justice served. Is that what happened?

This hearing started with every witness the defense wanted to have heard being denied a chance to speak. The speaker of the House chose a chairman that was a known liar, saying one moment he didn’t know who the original leaker (ahem) whistleblower was and then cautioning a witness not to answer a question lest the leaker (cough) whistleblower’s name be discovered. Just two years ago, this same chairman solemnly assured the American public there was plenty of evidence in “plain sight” that President Trump was a tool of Putin and that we would see once the Mueller Report was published. That became an obvious lie when the Mueller Report found President Trump not guilty of the collusion the chairman had told all American citizens was easily proven.

So we have a known liar leading an inquest, denying any witnesses for the defense a hearing, instructing witnesses when and when not to answer questions, and generally conducting what looks to be a kangaroo court, with apologies to kangaroos who could and probably would, do better.

And we have coming up the results of an investigation into abuse of our FISA courts. If you have been following this column you are well aware of the role the FISA court has played in the surveillance of the president of the United States and/or members of his immediate staff, almost since he announced his plans to run for president. The public should probably not expect much in the way of an honest review, since the review is conducted by a member of the government branch in question who is known for finding lots of wrongdoing but no wrongdoers. Actions that would and do get average citizens behind bars for years, are marked up as “failures of judgement” or “oversights.” If you or I were to sign on to a statement swearing we believed it to be correct and it was later proven false, we would be looking at some time in the crossbar hotel. How many of the government officials that signed off on the use of the “dossier” in a FISA application that has since been found to be completely unreliable will find themselves referred for criminal prosecution?

And coming behind this investigation is another, attempting to discover how much chargeable criminal action was involved in spying on both candidate and then President Trump. Is that investigation the reason these Democrats are in such a hurry to impeach?

These Democrats seem to believe that after this hearing in which absolutely no rights were given to the Republicans that they have proven charges of some kind or another sufficient to remove the president of the United States from office. They will get together after the Thanksgiving recess to try to come up with charges that will not provoke peals of laughter from the public. What a terrible sham in the year of our Lord 2019!

Let’s rehash what the Democrats have come up with. They are wanting to impeach the president of the United States for trying to get corruption investigated in the third most corrupt nation on earth before we give them over $300 million.

Now, the Democrats are solemnly telling us that it is illegal for the president to want corruption investigated if any candidate that was involved in the corruption is running for high office. But shouldn’t we want to be sure a candidate for high office is not subject to undue foreign influences? These Democrats seem far more concerned about protecting a corrupt politician than our own country.  How many other family members of our fine politicians have no-show jobs like Hunter Biden? The fact that these self-important people were so “scandalized” by the idea the president of the United States wanting to uncover corruption makes you wonder how many of these political families owe their wealth to exactly this kind of activity.

Another thing that struck me about these ambassadorial over-educated types is they kept referring to the regular order and American foreign policy as they understood it. They didn’t seem capable of understanding that American foreign policy is whatever the president says it is. And they are the ones acting outside it whenever they disagree with the president. Oh, and by the way, just because Dr. Fiona Hill insists she is non-political does not make her non-ideological. A fair amount of her studies and positions seem funded by a guy named Soros.

After seeing these people testify over the past few days, isn’t it pretty obvious why President Trump didn’t trust them and why he sent Rudy Giuliani to handle the investigation into  matters concerning the 2016 election and the Ukrainian’s attempting to influence the outcome? This idiot Innmann that goes running to the government lawyers every time he thought he heard anything he could use to damage Trump. How would you like to be depending on him for something?

The fact is that we need to investigate more, not less, countries before we give them millions of taxpayer dollars in aid. And to attempt to oust the president of the United States over this is ludicrous!

I am haunted by these simple words, “A republic ma’am, if you can keep it…”

Until next week…

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  1. Comment by Tom

    November 27, 2019 at 9:08 am

    This impeachment travesty has become a runaway train that the Democrats have started rolling. Now that they have been exposed through these partisan “hearings” in a completely inappropriate House committee, they show signs of wanting to apply the brakes, but it seems that the momentum of what they have started won’t be easily stopped.

    I look forward to a trial in the Senate, where these partisan shenanigans will be fully exposed and the perpetrators will be charged with treason for trying to overthrow the duly elected POTUS.

    Alas, Schiff, or Schifty, a well-earned moniker, seems to be backing off impeachment, suggesting that perhaps a censure of the POTUS will be the result of these sham proceedings. Too late Schifty, you and the rest of your clown posse should be made to live with the “Schiff Show” you’ve created.

  2. Comment by George S.

    November 27, 2019 at 11:38 am

    This type of blind loyalty to a politician is for lack of a better word, simply sad. All elected officials, especially the president of the United States should operate in a completely transparent manner. Every president, regardless of party, should be held accountable for their actions or in some cases inaction. The lack of accountability of our government officials is very often the cause of government failures and it perpetuates long term career politicians.
    If there was no wrong doing, what do you fear? Is it because congress has been “unfair” to the man that you support? Stop for a minute and think about the reverse of the situation. What if Mr. Trump were the one doing the accusing and a Democrat was on the defensive side? Mr. Trump has proven time and time and time again that he will try to “utterly destroy” anyone that he considers an enemy and anyone that disagrees with him about anything is his enemy. He makes no distinction between Republicans or Democrats. He attacks any and everyone that “crosses” him. He has always be viscous and unrelenting in his efforts to punish those who do not agree with him. We won’t even count his childish name calling, which makes him nothing more than a laughing stock. He has always had a bank of lawyers that regularly filed dozens of lawsuits against any and everyone that Mr. Trump did not like in order to bully people and companies into submission. What little trouble the Democrats are giving him now is a SMALL taste of his own medicine and I must say that it is well deserved.
    As a long time Republican, I am disgusted with what our party has become, as I know long time Democrats are disgusted with their party also. Is there not one decent, respectable, sincere, and truly honest person in this country who wants to be president? Alas, I digress, Sorry.

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