Veterans Day at Van Buren High

Posted By | November 21, 2018 10:49 am

By Hansel Moore

The rain and chill could not keep a number of veterans from attending the Veterans Day breakfast and program at Van Buren County High School. Soldiers from many generations were present to enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon, Pop Tarts, cereal and coffee. Young volunteers were at the ready to bring additional napkins, beverage, or a Veterans Day greeting card.

Veterans who may have entered the room as strangers conversed and shared stories of where they had served; the familiarities that bind them became apparent. As the food settled, the veterans were escorted into the gymnasium to witness the accolades of the future generations.

When the presentation began, all who were physically able, stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. The Star Spangled Banner was soulfully presented by Bella Scott who projected each note with precision and clarity of a professional performance.

When assistant principal Jared Copeland directed the attention of the students toward the guests of honor, a standing ovation and thunderous applause filled the room. It was not a brief greeting but an extended genuine appreciation. As a group who usually forgoes any form of praise, it was a apparent that the proverbial “group hug” displayed was felt and appreciated by the veterans.

The words provided by senior class member Hannah Sullivan were eloquently blended together and delivered as a meaningful tribute with substance far beyond her years. There is no doubt that she had invested her time in exploring the history of the military and its purpose in the evolutionary path of this nation.

American flag pins were presented by the fifth grade class and gratefully received by the veterans.   Without delay, these treasured items were placed on their hats, jackets, or shirts for display.

As the program concluded, the veterans were given ‘right of way’ to exit before the ambitious students. It was obvious by the facial expressions displayed by the soldiers and sailors that the heartstrings had een strummed, and all the right notes had been played. These men who had served on land, sea, and in air had been shown the gift of genuine gratitude by the generations for whom they had sacrificed so much.

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