WCHS hosts CTE Advisory Committee meeting

Posted By | November 8, 2018 12:49 pm

Tim Mackie, White County High School assistant principal, addressed White County business executives and the Career-Technical Education Advisory Committee, on Nov. 6, to explain what classes are involved with CTE and give the teachers the opportunity to explain what it is that they do in the program.

Approximately every quarter, the CTE Advisory Committee meets at WCHS. Mackie led off the discussion first with the “purpose of the day.” This was to obtain valuable information from business and industry about job skills, education needs, and technology needs in related fields. After teachers gave a brief description about their classes, business executives met with them to discuss the kind of criteria they look for in employees coming directly out of school.

“We at White County High School like to hear from our community about what type of students are needed in the work place,” said Mackie. “One of the reasons we have these advisory meetings is to hear from you about what’s needed as far as employment skills, equipment needed in the classroom, and sometimes even the curriculum that is taught.”

Grant Swallows, WCHS principal, addressed the crowd to thank them for showing up and tell them how important it is to his school that they get the feedback they are looking for from them.

“I hope that you do not underestimate the value you have to us and helping us to prepare our kids,” said Swallows.

Swallows explained the idea came to him when he and his wife had a door constructed for them by a nephew over the summer vacation. He said the child was so proud of his work he initialed it. Swallows said it resonated with him that his nephew was proud of the product he produced, and he parlayed it into the CTE program.

“We want our kids to be good community members,” said Swallows. “We want to be proud of them. We want to produce future employees that we, and in turn you, are going to be proud of.”

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