What happened to the voice?

Posted By | September 5, 2019 7:50 am

By Steve Qualls – Christpoint Church

The ground is silent, the stands empty. Parking lots become barren, and the lines have disappeared. A calm settles over what recently bustled with excitement and energy. A coolness is felt in the air as the fog settles. The humidity has dropped as the patrons have emptied. It’s season’s end for baseball in America. The boys of summer have packed up and moved on, and all that’s left is a lonely maintenance crew and an echo. It’s that time of year again. Kids have moved from batting cages to classrooms, pitching mounds to hallways, and short sleeves are replaced with long. Their season is over, and, in a few weeks, the major league monoliths will go dormant as well. The voice of baseball silenced for another year.

However, just because the voice is silent doesn’t mean it’s dead. In the book of Revelation chapter 12, there’s a powerful message tucked away in verse 11 that gives the voice a reason to shout. We are overcomers and conquerors by the blood of the lamb. Sometimes there just seems to be a season where the eeriness of silence is the loudest thing we hear. It’s during these times our battles have a way of magnifying themselves against us. Heaven itself experienced such a battle recorded in Revelation chapter 12 and lost a third of its warriors in the process. But there are two strategies for victory mentioned in verse 11. One is the obvious – apply the blood of the lamb to every conflict. Bathe it in love, operate in an attitude of forgiveness, and know that Jesus is a better fighter of our battles than we are. It’s simply stepping aside and tagging in the master and letting him take over. But the second requires a voice from our own mouths. We will rise and fall in warfare through the words we speak. If we speak Jesus, then we will be conquerors by the word of our testimony. For some, the battlefield may look and feel like an empty baseball field. You may feel your excitement has ended and your season finished. Maybe you’ve given up, hung up the glove and bat, shut off the lights and said it’s over. But what happened to the voice? Heaven lost a third of its warriors to this same mentality. They hung up their gear and forgot about the voice. They turned away from the lamb to listen to a lesser voice. The farther we get from the king, the louder other messages become, until we don’t remember what we’re fighting for. The voice of God through you has the power to defeat armies and create kings. Just because one season has ended doesn’t mean another won’t begin. In a few short months, spring training will start, and, once again, lifeless ballfields will bustle with energy and excitement. Baseball doesn’t end with the passing of a season; it just transitions to what lies ahead. If we live our lives with a season’s end mentality, we silence the voice through us. If we’re going to win in this season called life, then it will happen first through Jesus and second because our voice has created a foundation to stand on and a power to win while on that platform.

The Bible gives us a wonderful plan for success, if we will use it. Some may say their lives are in shambles or destroyed. Maybe it’s because these people have the wrong play book, because I see a simple two- step strategy for certain victory. Be covered by the blood of Jesus through salvation, and speak of that encounter continuously. It doesn’t mean we won’t lose games along the way or that seasons won’t be difficult. What it does give us is home field advantage for every fight. It’s always more encouraging when we play before the home crowd, because we have more fans present than the other team. Kind of like a two thirds to one advantage over the enemy.

Know who’s team you’re on. Know who you’re playing for and why you’re there, because you’re always on deck – so batter up.

I’ll see you at Christpoint Church this Sunday for a home game. We have three service times for your convenience, 8 a.m. traditional and 9:15 a.m. and 11 a.m. progressive. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.

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