White County at 14.5 percent unemployment

Posted By | September 28, 2009 12:00 am

Jobless figures for White County dropped a fraction of a point in the numbers released last week by Tennessee Department of Labor.
White County is sitting at 14.5 percent unemployed for August 2009, which is down from the 14.9 percent registered for July 2009.
Since January 2009, White County was listed twice in the top 10 of highest unemployment. In April 2009 the rate was 15.2 percent. By May 2009, the number had climbed to 15.6 percent. White County now ranks 14th our of 95 counties for the highest unemployment
Lauderdale County, whose home seat is Ripley, logged the highest unemployment in the state at 19.7 percent. Lincoln County, whose county seat is Fayetteville, registered the lowest unemployed at 7.2 percent.
Out of Tennessee’s 95 counties, the rate increased in 47 and decreased in 42. The rate remained the same in six counties.
The overall unemployment rate for Tennessee, in August 2009, was 10.8 percent. This is the highest rate of unemployment rate. The August rate in 2008 was 6.6 percent for Tennessee. National unemployment figures for August are up from July’s numbers, increasing from 9.4 percent to 9.7 percent.
See the attached charts for detailed figures on White County’s unemployment rates.

White County Unemployment rates
August 8.90% January 13.70%
September 8.40% February 14.20%
October 9.60% March 14.60%
November 10.40% April 15%
December 11.60% May 15.50%
    June 15.70%
    July 14.90%
    August 14.50%

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