White County High School alumni game a success as fundraiser

Posted By | May 4, 2017 9:19 am

These are the members of the alumni game from the men’s side. This included members from teams from 1986 all the way to 2017. They were coached by Roy Whited and Nathan Aaron. (Photo by ANDY SOUTHARD)

These are the members of the alumni game from the women’s side who played in the game and the cheerleaders who provided constant encouragement. (Photo by ANDY SOUTHARD)

The White County High School’s Project Graduation put on an alumni game, on April 28. Forty-nine men and women came back to their alma mater. This included seven members of the back-to-back state championship team and Coach Roy Whited, the first and second all-time leaders in three-pointer shooters in White County history, and a lot of memories for everyone who was included in the game and those who watched the game. There were players in the game that ranged from the graduating class of 1986 to the class of 2017.

In the women’s game, the home team, whose graduating class ended in an even year, included: Tonya Cummins, Brittany Cash, Jennifer Redmon-Silcox, Gina Shockey, Kirsty Young, Kaleigh Bray, Deandra Luna and Amber Hudgens. This team was coached by Keith Short, who coached in White County, 1978-1992

On the visiting team, who was coached by Steve Holland, who was the head coach in White County, 1994-98, members included: Bella Taylor, Shelby Johnson, Cathy Copeland, Joni Simpson-Trivette, Terri Brock, Allison Quillen, Brooke Stoglin and Hannah Howard.

On the boy’s side, on the home team who was coached by Nathan Aaron, who was an assistant coach for the Warriorettes and Warriors, 2008-2014, members of that team included: Lewis Carrick, Cade Crosland, Jack Kyle Franklin, Caleb Lowery, Brad Walker, Michael Cunningham, Brant Holman, Josh Lowery, Hunter Copeland, Cole Crosland, Thomas Dalton, Zach Lynn, Malik Murray, Jared Carter, Pierce Whited and Allen Frazier.

Members of the visiting team, coached by Roy Whited who coached from 1995-2001 and led the Warriors to back-to-back State Championships included: Hyle Robbins, Cole Vaughn, Dustin Holman, Allen Newport, Robbie Johnson, Kane Young, Kyle Gribble, Kordell Henderson, Zack Stephenson, Craig Richmond, Jared Austin, J.J. Taylor, Jerry Roberts, Matt Holman, and Brent Herren.

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