White County Middle School soccer wins over Fentress County

Posted By | September 10, 2019 12:23 pm

By Jerry Lowery

The White County Middle School Warriorette soccer team scored the program’s first win in several years, on Sept. 6 as the Warriorettes defeated Fentress County 1-0.

“I can’t say how proud I am of the girls,” head coach Drew Haston said. “We are tough on them and expect a lot, and they play hard for us    every night.  It’s good to see them finally have fruits to their labor.”

Early in the first half, Breanna Powell was able to break out of     midfield for a one-on-one with the Fentress County goalkeeper.  Powell was able to put a shot on target, but the keeper made the save. A few minutes later, Amia Heath took the ball from the right wing into the box for another shot on goal.  However, the Warriorettes were denied once again of a go-ahead goal. Despite having the majority of the possession and outshooting Fentress County during the first half, the Warriorettes went into halftime tied with Fentress County, 0-0.

“We have been talking to them a lot this week about having high energy,” assistant coach Sarah Anderson said.  “We have been emphasizing that good things will happen if they play the right way and play with high energy, so at halftime we wanted to make sure that we were focused on those things for the second half.”

The Warriorettes delivered on that high energy.  In the 34th minute, just three minutes into the second half, the Warriorettes scored the goal that had been hiding from this program for so long.   Warriorette right-back Cadence Dishman trapped the Fentress County attacker against the line.  As the Fentress county player turned away from pressure, the ball slipped away from her.  Centerback Casey Wright stepped up and kicked the ball over the entire opposing team.   Warriorette striker Allie Reece took possession of the ball for another one-on-one with the goalkeeper.  This time, the Warriorettes were not denied. Reece sent a screamer to the top of the net.   WCMS was able to maintain pressure and keep the ball in their attacking third for the rest of the second-half. When the ball did come past the midfield line, the Warriorette defense was there to send it right back up to the top.

“Our defense played their best game of the season,” Anderson said. “There has been flashes of them understanding their positions this season, but tonight they played as well as we could have hoped for.”

In the final minute, Fentress County was able to piece together a run that found them in the Warriorette penalty box.  However, it was no trouble for goalkeeper Maddie Rust as she came off of her line, scooped the ball up, and cleared it down field to seal her clean sheet.

“I’m really proud of them,” said Anderson. “They really answered the call in the second half.  I can’t say enough how well the defense played. Our attack is coming along, but we still have things to work on.  Once we can piece these together, I think a change in our fortunes may be coming.”

The Warriorettes were able to put three more shots on target after their goal, but all were right at the keeper.

“What I saw in the second half was a team who wanted to win,” Haston said. “Our girls were flying all over the field, and, most importantly, they were maintaining their positions. Watching them play the right way makes me more proud than any win.”

Haston added, “We want to teach them how to play the game.  We could position them and do things that might make us competitive, but it would not benefit these girls when they are in high school.  We have this great facility, we have great girls, and I think that these girls are laying a foundation for us to have a great program.”

The Warriorettes will be back in district play Sept. 9 as they take on North Franklin Middle School, at home, at 5:30 p.m.

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