You are not the producer and host of a “reality” show, you are the president – act like it

Posted By | January 13, 2020 12:16 pm

Democratic Dialog – By Debra Wines

Once again, Donald Trump has shown us and the world he has no clue what he should be doing as president of the United States of America.  His speech last Wednesday morning, after the Iranians sent several rockets to two Iraqi bases that housed some American soldiers, was nothing less than dishonest and rather incoherent.  He seems to want his supporters to forget that his actions broke us into dangerous territory and wants Americans to hate the Iranian government and all Iranians.  He doesn’t care if Americans of Iranian descent may be harmed by his words.  Mr. Trump wants to feed his ego, and he doesn’t give a damn who gets hurt.  He especially doesn’t care what happens to our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and children who could be injured, killed, or emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives, while he pretends that only he knows more about being a general than his own generals who have years of education and experience.  Why would anyone entrust him with their life or the lives of their loved ones?

I know many of you believe I hate this man and have no respect for him.  You are partially correct.  I hate Mr. Trump’s attitude, his resistance to learn or listen to experts, and his disrespect for anyone and everyone who criticizes him or disagrees with him in any manner.  I have no respect for anyone who has no compassion, apathy or even the slightest concern about the consequences of his behavior and actions.  I also have no respect for someone, especially as president of the United States, who only lies or stretches the truth more often than is necessary.  Yes, I do believe other presidents have lied, and there may have been a good reason that the citizens of America were not told the whole truth at a specific time in their administration.  I had no respect for George W. Bush when we discovered that he and his administration lied about the real reason he sent troops into Iraq.  I had no love for Bush when it was discovered that he, Dick Cheney, and several of his top advisors were warned that Osama Bin Laden was preparing an attack on U.S. soil, and they ignored it.

Let’s face it, the big interest in the Middle East isn’t getting rid of dictators or bringing Democracy to these “backwards” savages.  It is oil and has been oil since the early 1950s when worldwide oil companies “raped and pillaged” the Middle East for oil.  America has had blood on our hands ever since then.  I know Donald Trump and his administration deny climate change, and they deny fossil fuels have ANY responsibility for what is happening to us and the world, but facts are facts.  If any reasonable leader wants to devastate the economies in the Middle East, stop buying their oil.  If they truly want to build good will in the Middle East, start helping them build renewable energy sources.  Solar panels would be a great start; it’s the freaking Middle East, lots of sunshine.  Build wind farms. I am sure they have lots of wind in those wide-open places.

Oh, but what would happened to all those oil and gas companies?  They might go broke, those poor babies.  They won’t go broke.  Exxon has been advertising how much research they are currently doing to find alternative fuel from algae and other products, which is probably subsidized by our tax dollars.  We already subsidize the fossil fuel industry and have for years, while our soldiers are doing their dirty work and fight their wars, not necessarily wars for democracy or to help people who live under a dictatorship.  When are Americans going to wake up and realize we aren’t electing legislators who are working for us?   We are electing legislators who work for the fossil fuel industry, and the military industrial complex.  Oil and wars, based on lies, are what keeps those industries getting richer and richer.  Remember when our troops were first sent to Iraq without the proper equipment?  How many soldiers were killed or gravely injured because the Humvees didn’t have the proper protection to help deflect the damage done by roadside bombs?  How many of our friends and family members were killed or maimed because the protective gear they were given was essentially useless?  How many soldiers were injured because the showers on their bases were wired incorrectly and people were being shocked or electrocuted?  How many mercenaries were better equipped and better paid than our own soldiers?    How many of those mercenaries, through their actions and disregard for the lives of innocent Iraqis, may have gotten our soldiers killed or injured?  I wonder how many of our retired upper echelon military officers now work in the oil and military equipment and weapons industries?  War for profit is not what America or any other country should be doing.

I know the turmoil in the Middle East and other countries is not the sole fault of Donald Trump.  For a man that promised he would stop America’s involvement in never-ending wars, he is failing miserably at keeping that promise.  Sadly, that is nothing unusual for Mr. Trump.  Again, we must look at the reason.  He has said it repeatedly; he wants the oil and believes Iraq should repay us for invading their country by giving us all their oil.  Why?  Because the oil and other fossil fuel companies give him money.  The Russians’ economy relies heavily on oil.  If Russia can get cheap oil from the turmoil in the Middle East, it appears Donald Trump is their man.

This game/reality show mentality that Donald Trump, his family, and his administration are playing with the future of our country was not amusing from the very beginning, and it is becoming a very dangerous game for America and the world.

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  1. Comment by David Copeland

    January 13, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    President Trump has accomplished some great things during his tenure, but all you can talk about is his poor social skills. This hatred for Trump is an evil thing, and I would suggest you pray about your own heart.

  2. Comment by Pam

    January 13, 2020 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you for writing this, Debra. Trump is the worst thing to happen to the US in my lifetime (I’m 54). The night he was elected, my husband said, “this is worse than 09/11 – this is a tragedy,” which I knew at the time was the absolute truth, but we had no idea then just how catastrophic a Trump presidency was going to be. It will take at least a generation to recover from the damage done by this evil man, his nasty litter of children and cult of dangerous, brainwashed supporters.

  3. Comment by Tom

    January 13, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    3 years down, 5 more to go.

    At this rate you’ll be a complete raving lunatic by the time his second term is up… Oh, wait…

    Nevermind, too late.

  4. Comment by Jay Dee Hanna

    January 14, 2020 at 7:17 am

    Obama sent Iran billions, Trump sent them a drone, who accomplished more? Still waiting on WW111 that the liberals and media are so flustered about. Get over it.

  5. Comment by Debra Rowlands

    January 14, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    Jay, if you bothered to educate yourself, you would find Obama gave them nothing but returned monies according to an agreement previously. Stop spreading lies. And David, what has he accomplished? All I see is making the rich and corporations more wealthy. Working class/poor are certainly no better off, and with threats of cutting social security and medicare, other social safety nets as well as rolling back environmental protections, I only see things getting worse. So please enlighten. This man is totally unfit for office in every way possible. I would really like to see him drug tested. And how about that unredacted Mueller report? Innocent people do not, repeat DO NOT, hide what they say will exonerate them. They do not forbid witness testimony. That alone discredits him and your loyalty to him.

  6. Comment by Sam Vines

    January 15, 2020 at 12:48 pm

    It is not debatable because Trump is a self admitted liar, cheat, tax scofflaw, serial adulterer, serial sexual assaulter and thrice draft dodger. But it is debatable why good people put their morals in a box and buried them outback just so they could get a boatload of Christofascist Federal judges and 2 Supreme Court seats. That is the question where did all the good people go? Shame…… Debra don’t worry about the commentary The bit dog always barks loudest. And It look like you bit some.

  7. Comment by Meg

    January 15, 2020 at 10:55 pm

    You have allowed your soul to be overtaken by the demons from hell. May you live long enough to regret the vile you SPEWED at OUR PRESIDENT’S children. You are the lowest of low. May God forgive you.

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