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Districts where student-teacher ratios are still behind pre-pandemic levels used data from the National Center for Education Statistics to show how student-teacher ratios have changed.

The surprising effectiveness of having kids study their errors to succeed

The Hechinger Report analyzes research on how students may be learning better by focusing on what they did wrong.

Investing in Bitcoin for a long-term portfolio is too risky, according to Vanguard CEO

Benzinga looks at why one investment expert currently does not recommend investing in Bitcoin for the average long-term portfolio.
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Scams stealing government benefits like unemployment checks have jumped 82%: Here's how to protect yourself
Canva Scammers are stealing more identities to pilfer government benefits, riding a wave of fraud that rose to new heights during …
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Gold vs. stocks: As both hit record highs, which is performing better for investors?
Money // Getty images The price of gold and the S&P 500 both reached new record highs after the Federal Reserve signaled that it's …
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From grocery cards to car repairs: How COVID-19 aid changed the way schools can help families experiencing homelessness
Justin Sullivan // Getty Images Mollie Eppers tried for years to give students experiencing homelessness prepaid grocery cards that …
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Innovative apps help teachers communicate with families in their preferred language
Shutterstock Emma Gonzalez Gutierrez has struggled to communicate with the teachers of her five children for years. She's tried to …
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Could Elon Musk help the Dogecoin cryptocurrency surge to a $1 value?
Shutterstock Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk has been a fan of DOGE for some time. He first began discussing the meme coin project in …
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Import costs in these industries are keeping prices high
Avigator Fortuner // Shutterstock Inflation has cooled substantially, but Americans are still feeling the strain of sky-high …
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Top 10 US counties where women earn the most and least compared to men
IM_photo // Shutterstock Different factors can affect the gender pay gap, depending on where you live. Family economics, social …
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These countries are among the biggest gold consumers
Canva Gold has been a desirable commodity for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilization. In Rome, Julius Caesar …
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Caretaking demands often put working women at a financial and workplace disadvantage. Can gig work and the care economy help?
filadendron // Canva More mothers with young children are working than ever before, but our current system puts them at a …
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Bank junk fees: Who gets hit and which institutions are the worst offenders?
fizkes // Shutterstock Tens of millions of consumers are hit with extra fees – often called "junk fees" – on everything from …
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Navigate the Sea of Financial Advice with 4 Tried-and-True Savings Tips

(BPT) - By Holly O’Neill, President, Retail BankingSocial media has become a hub of personal finance advice, giving rise to countless trends from soft saving to loud budgeting to cash stuffing. …

Turn Your Tax Refund Into a New Ride

(Family Features) With tax refunds starting to flow in, many people are considering ways to invest their money. If you're looking to purchase a vehicle, putting your tax refund toward a down payment on a used car can be a smart financial decision.

Tax Guidance for 2024

(Family Features) For some, tax season represents the opportunity for a return and some much-needed relief for their bank accounts. Yet for others, it's time to write a check to Uncle Sam. Ensure you're up to date on all things 2024 taxes with this guidance.

Failed West Virginia microschool fuels state probe — and some soul-searching

The 74 reports on a microschool closure that led to a government investigation and closer scrutiny at other programs across the country.
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What trends are showing about the types of startups getting funding
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Ciano // Stacker // Shutterstock What kinds of startups are trending? When inflation surged …
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The number of female Certified Financial Planners grew by 13.9%. Here's a closer look at who is joining the profession—and where
Zivica Kerkez // Shutterstock The total number of Certified Financial Planners, or CFPs, in the U.S. grew by 11.5% over the last …
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Top 10 cities with the lowest and highest salaries needed to live comfortably
Monkey Business Images // Shutterstock While cost of living premiums and inflation metrics capture the price increases in goods and …
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25 hardest colleges to get into in America
Canva Since the Common App debuted in 1998, applying to multiple schools at once has been easier than ever. It's also made some …
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The states where people pay the most in car insurance premiums
Canva Nearly every state requires drivers to carry car insurance, but the laws vary, and many factors affect the cost of …
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