A letter to Gregg Abbott, the governor of Texas

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Dear Gov. Abbott,

As a concerned resident of the State of Texas, and given the lack of a response to any of my previous efforts to communicate with you, I have chosen this public opinion article to garner your attention.  Given the magnitude of the responsibilities of your important position, I realize you are a busy man.  However, I cannot envision anything on your agenda that is more important than the ongoing out-of-control invasion of our southern border with Mexico, which presents itself in the form of unrelenting human waves of illegal aliens purposely infused with unaccompanied children used in some instances as human shields.  If there is something more pressing and important for Texans than slamming that border shut, what is it?  We, the legal citizens of Texas, want to know.

Even when you served as the 50th attorney general of Texas for 13 years, you had a strong following.  As our governor for the last six years, your constituency has remained strong and supportive.  How you handle the rapidly evolving catastrophic crisis that stretches the full length of our southern border with Mexico will define your place in Texas history, as well as your much needed continuance as our governor. At this critical moment in time, the current chapter of Texas history is in process.  Given the infidelity of our present federal level leadership, we need your strong leadership like never before.

You have a daunting task before you.  Not only is the border crisis a monumental problem, but having to confront an unfriendly, mentally/memory compromised and questionable president in the form of Joe Biden.  Not only is he the one who initiated our border crisis, he is the front man for and is under the control of world socialism emissaries in the form of Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and one of communism’s top paymasters, the infamous billionaire, George Soros.

You need to be at the top of your game for several reasons.  First you must not make the same mistake that most Republican officials make when confronting their Democrat adversaries; i.e. “do not take a pocket knife to a gunfight.”  Take your “A” game.   Say what you mean, and mean what you say, and demonstrate your seriousness and resolve.

Like all who are associated with the “League of Isms;” i.e. Marxism; Leninism, communism; and socialism, the Socialist Democrat Party has learned that truth and integrity are incompatible with their quest for supreme power.   They do NOT play by any rules.  This new cadre and version of the old and once prominent Democrat Party, boldly lies and doesn’t care what anyone thinks or believes.  They will say and do anything, legal or not, to win.  They deal with the fallout after the fact.  They believe in the old adage, “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.”

And why shouldn’t they believe in that tactic?  Six months ago, in a clever and well organized effort, and with the majority of the country watching, they stole the 2020 presidential election.  Even though there was an outcry of fraud, well-placed Socialist Democrat officials and judges were able to squelch the few inquiries attempted.  With the Socialist Democrats now in power, there is little possibility of proving the election results were fraudulent.  That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be pursued.

Returning to the massive and expanding violation of our state order, which constitutes a criminal attack on Texas, I contend there is something grand and purposeful we can do and must do to save our state.  At the same time, it will present a model plan for other border states to embrace.  

We can fight back.  And, I mean “fight” in the full context of the meaning of that word. To Joe Biden, the Socialist Democrat Party, and the illegal border-crossers and their guides, our laws and words mean nothing.  Why should they believe that their illegal actions have consequences when we have proven that wrong, time after time, over the past four months.  They see us as fools.  And, right now, that seems to be the case.

The time has come to “remember the Alamo.” During a 13-day period (Feb. 23-March 6, 1836), a band of heavily outnumbered gallant defenders at the Alamo Mission, in San Antonio, Texas, fought a heroic battle to defend Texas.  Although these defenders lost their lives, they bought General Sam Houston a much needed 13 days to muster/train an army of Texans.  As a result, 30 days later, on April 13, 1836, that fledgling Texas Army defeated Mexican President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his border-crossing army at the Battle of San Jacinto (just outside of modern day Houston).  They saved the new Republic of Texas, which had declared its independence on March 2, 1836.  In other words, Santa Anna and his border-crossers were illegal aliens in Texas.  

Now, Texas needs to be saved again.  And, we need an army of determined Texas citizens to do that.  As previously noted, we cannot count on the pro-Socialist Joe Biden administration, which has a choke hold on Washington, D.C. and is transfixed on turning our country into the world’s newest Socialist hell-hole.  Biden initiated the crisis and has no plan and no interest in solving the border crisis because it suits the  agenda of the Socialist Democrat Party.  It also serves to distract the American public from the outrageous bills that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are pushing through Congress.

Governor, we need a pro-active plan to stop these current border-crossing invaders.  I suggest that, by proclamation, you close the Texas-Mexico border until further notice.  That will hurt, but if it doesn’t hurt, that means it is not working.

I also strongly suggest that you declare martial law in all Texas counties that abut the Mexico border and in all Texas counties that abut those border counties.  And, in keeping with this mandate, I propose that the presence of the Texas National Guard at the border be expanded. 

I suggest you require the summary removal of ALL in custody and housed illegals anywhere in the State of Texas and that they be escorted to the border and spooned back into Mexico.  If Washington or Mexico wails about this, I suggest that the latter mirror out lead and escort the illegals to their own southern border and eject them.

In the designated martial law counties, I suggest that consideration be given to providing the sheriffs with the authority and funding to form large posse of local citizens sworn in as armed deputies to patrol the border area in their counties to intercept illegals and escort them back to the border for immediate re-entry into Mexico.

Before closing, let me ask you this question.  Have you ever wondered why the United Nations isn’t addressing this international problem?  The answer is very simple.  The UN is the biggest do nothing, money-wasting, useless organization in the world, and is gets worse every year.

If Texas is to be saved, and then our country, it is up to you, me, and other concerned citizens. 

Respectfully yours,

Jerry W. Jones, CIA Ret.   


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