A mild response to ‘A Liberal Dose’ of weaponization

Think for Yourself


I agree with some of what Troy said last week. “Laws matter,” “Hillary Clinton did not get locked up,” and “Joe Biden did not get indicted” yet. Troy was incorrect that “Hillary Clinton’s alleged carelessness with classified documents online” wasn’t prosecuted because the evidence was insufficient. There have been hundreds of service members who have been prosecuted and convicted on far less evidence. The classified documents charges are the only current charges against Donald Trump that I can justify in any way. Donald Trump did have the documents. He was also the former president and absolute authority on document classification. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Joe Biden were president of the United States when they illegally handled and stored classified documents.

To accuse Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection, you must first disregard that on Jan, 6, 2021, Donald Trump was the president of the United States. If the riot occurred after Joe Biden’s inauguration, you could legally claim that Donald Trump incited an insurrection to overthrow the legal government. Donald Trump could not legally insurrect his administration. If you could overcome that legal hurdle, you would still have to prove that the incoming Biden Administration honestly won the election.

The justice system in this country is often seen as two-tiered. The poor often believe the system favors the rich. Minorities often claim it favors the majority. The Left thinks it prefers the Right, and the Right believes it likes the Left. I think it protects power and crumbles under social pressure. Few BLM rioters were prosecuted for violence or public and private property destruction because of social pressure. Several peaceful individuals who never approached the capitol building on Jan. 6 have been held without trial for years because there was no social pressure against it. Hillary Clinton was not charged because of her public influence and power. Kristian Saucier was sentenced to a year in prison, six months of electronic monitoring and home confinement, and three years of supervised probation for taking pictures of his workspace on a nuclear submarine to show his family where he worked because he had no public influence or power.

The government worked with social media and major networks to silence speech that opposed the approved narrative on various topics. That should terrify all Americans, and it didn’t start with the Biden administration. Indoctrination in government-funded schools should be a fear of all Americans despite which side of the aisle is doing it. I agree with keeping pornographic material out of children’s hands, but I oppose banning books by authors like Judy Blume because they address topics that some people are uncomfortable with. I oppose teaching that everyone is advantaged or disadvantaged because of their skin color. However, I support teaching about racism and how it still exists in the hearts and minds of some people.

I recently told a friend the problem is extremism today, but that needs to be revised. Absolutism by extremists is the real problem. I catch myself telling my daughter, “You always…” or You never…” when I mean “sometimes” or “seldom.” Things are rarely absolute, but extremists always see absolutes. I believe that Donald Trump is a poor choice for candidate or president. I don’t want Biden, Harris, Clinton, or Newsome either. I could support Robert Kennedy or a few of the other Republican candidates. I wish I could vote for Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard.

I understand that my voice and opinion do not affect a national election. I have a hard enough time breathing without wasting my breath. Through civil discussion, I believe that Troy and I could reach an agreement to end the weaponization of the government entirely. The first step is seeing both extremes are guilty, and the swamp only wants to protect its power. I can do this, and I believe that Troy can also. I hope you will think for yourself.        


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