A presidential case of COVID-19

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 As I write this column, the president is waking up (if indeed, he ever sleeps) in the presidential suite at Walter Reed Hospital - moved there, we are told, out of an abundance of caution by the White House doctor.

I can only imagine the stress level of that doctor, knowing he has the eyes, literally, of the world on him and his patient. Knowing the president and his work habits as we do, we can imagine how it must chafe on him to remain in the hospital with the days ticking by as we move inevitably closer to Election Day. I expect President Trump to call in to talk shows, appear remotely in various places in our media, and generally keep his campaign going as he recovers from what I think will be a very short course of the illness. It is instructive to us all that we are finally getting some true stats publicized in the media. President Trump’s chances of an unfavorable outcome are around 1 percent if he were a normal person taking into account his age and health. Think about that. Even the fact he is in his 70s only affects his survival chances by a few fractions of a percent. I hope the president’s recovery will drive home to the majority of healthy American adults that we need not cower in our basements over this virus!

As can always be expected by the creatures of the left, all kinds of vile, nasty things are being said as to how the president contracted this affliction and how he might have spread it to others. How depraved and lacking in any redeeming virtues can a person be to wish for the death of others simply because they disagree politically? Not only that, but wishes for the president’s wife to die as well? And that just informs us of former Obama staffers;  we haven’t gotten to the fine folks at CNN, etc.

At CNN and others, their anchors charge that it is the president’s refusal to follow protocol, or his crowds at rallies, or perhaps his attitude, that has caused his COVID infection. In reality, it seems very likely that he and his wife’s friendship with Hope Hicks, as well as her position as senior advisor to the president, that was the carrier of the virus. How disappointing to the media clowns! Not to be deterred by facts, they have run about proclaiming all kinds of suppositions without any actual facts. Some have even gone so far as to say this White House cannot be trusted to be telling the truth. Really? It is pretty rich for the lying and obnoxious cable press corps to be complaining about truth telling! Perhaps if they wish to pursue the truth, they could start by informing their on-air staff to not continually traffic in gossip, rumor, and outright lying. Then maybe the American people would have more faith in the honesty of the press, which lags far behind that of the president.

Since the president’s hospitalization has given us a bit of a respite on news, let’s examine some of the policies that old fair Joe Biden and his merry gang of leftists want to install should he gain the White House.

First, the Democrats are insisting that our present cash bond system be eliminated nationwide. Can any of us imagine turning in a thief when said thief may beat you home from the courtroom as you fill out all your testimony forms while he walks in front of a judge, is sternly warned about staying away from the defendant, and is then turned loose? What about a man who beats his wife? How comfortable will battered women feel turning in their husbands when they know he will be set free almost immediately to beat on them again?

Then there are the ridiculous ideas about how we are going to “convert” to a carbonless society in just a decade or two. Where do they plan to come up with that technology? Look at California. They are having rolling blackouts this summer because of their dependence on carbonless energy to run their state. Any kind of weather disruption means bye-bye to energy productions, which means the state is suddenly without power.

Take a look for yourself at the latest draft of the Democrat’s national platform. It starts by whining about the various Indian tribes that once called America home. They list quite a number of them, thinking probably the more Indian tribes they mention the more votes they can influence. Then this: “Recognize that our country was built on Indigenous homelands. We pay our respects to the millions of Indigenous people throughout history who have protected our lands, waters, and animals.”

Now for the unwoke ones among us, this is supposed to show how wonderfully aware and just these Democrats are… but think. Every nation in Europe could list various tribes that had once called their nation home. What, exactly, is the point? Well, it is to show how wonderfully “woke” these Democrats are, of course! As European history would have taught these numbskulls, every piece of property in the world was once owned by some other person, state, or nation. They are gone; we are here now. One day we, too, will be gone. Get over yourself already!

Ah, but that was just getting started! Since we don’t have the space here, I hope it excited in you the idea of taking a few minutes and actually reading for yourself the things these modern Democrats are saying about our country! They insist there are problems with our country you probably did not know about and don’t agree exist but Democrats insist must be addressed. Like all Socialists, they insist we must listen to the “scientists,” as if being a scientist were the end-all and be-all of every problem that exists in the nation! Haven’t we already seen with the COVID crisis how governors of different states can pick their own “scientists” who will then manufacture for them a scientific basis for what the governor wants to do? Monday, Oct. 5th is the last day to register to vote in the presidential election! In the face of this crisis, will your wishes go unknown? Will you do your part to keep our country free and fair ? I hope you will!         

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