Celebrate White County beef producers, July is Beef Month


 When it comes to summer, there are a lot of things to celebrate!  From holidays and sunshine to just fun days…. what better way to celebrate than with food!  When it comes to food…I’m a meat eater and love a good beef meal.  That’s why I’m proud to remind you that July is Beef Month in Tennessee.  Beef production is vital to the economy of White County.  With over 17,500 cows, White County ranks in the top 10 of beef-producing counties for Tennessee.  White/Van Buren County Cattlemen’s Association is also recognized each year for having one of the largest memberships and the most active schedule, with at least one educational event per month.  There are 37,288 cattle farms in Tennessee, with the majority of these farms being family-owned operations with 50 head of cattle or fewer. Cattle producers pride themselves on bringing safe, delicious, and nutritious beef to dinner tables across the country, as well as their own.

To kick off Beef Month, over 100 local beef producers participated in a beef selection and preparation class that was led by Valerie Bass, Executive Director of Tennessee Beef Industry Council.  Everyone was also excited to witness the first White/Van Buren County Cattlemen’s Beef Cookoff, featuring some local folks that claimed to be the ultimate Grill Master.  After the smoke cleared, our panel of judges selected our very own county executive, Denny Wayne Robinson, as our first Grill Master! 

Do your part in the July Beef Month celebration by enjoying grilled steaks, burgers or any delicious beef recipe this summer and join UT Extension in recognizing the hard-working cattle producers. Find delicious beef recipes and learn more about the beef industry at www.tnbeef.org.


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