Chairman of joint chiefs of staff underserves U.S. military and American people – Part I of II

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I have written about Critical Race Theory (CRT) in previous articles and warned about the Socialist Democrat Party’s (SDP) ongoing efforts to have it taught at all levels of our education system, from kindergarten through college.  It is a massive propaganda indoctrination effort to implant lies about our country, our history, our form of government,  and our way of life into the psyche of our children and grandchildren.  The lies are structured/designed to develop an ever-increasing hatred of the United States of America as the individual students move up to and through the next levels of their structured indoctrination.

This is a serious problem, and, if CRT is not banished from all levels of our education system, each student will eventually step out into the real world as a fully brainwashed American-hating drone subordinated to his or her Socialist/Marxist government masters.  That is a fact, not conjecture.

With the foregoing nationwide school indoctrination conspiracy well underway, the behind-the-scenes anti-American puppet masters of the Biden-Harris Administration have now turned their attention to the U.S. military.  With the newly appointed Secretary of Defense (Lloyd J. Austin III) and Deputy Secretary of Defense (Kathleen H. Hicks) distracted and feeling their way and not wanting to offend the Marxist/Socialist politicians who put them in these important positions, the early stages of the subversive attack on and indoctrination of our military have been initiated.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

The first phase of the overall attack on our military capabilities is seen in Joe Biden and the SDP’s major funding cuts in the budgets of all our military branches.  It is no accident that these funding cuts come at a time when Communist China and Russia are aggressively re-exerting their military and political prowess.  These two major menaces to world peace, along with North Korea, Iran, and Syria, now view the United States as weak, vulnerable, and without sane leadership.  They no longer fear us.

The second phase of the attack on our military, the required teaching of CRT, is directed at all military personnel, especially enlisted personnel and mid-level/junior officers.  It amounts to a planned non-medical pandemic.  This time the hideous virus is Critical Race Theory (CRT). It has been engineered to (A) destroy love of country, unity, camaraderie, teamwork, chain of command authority, patriotism, the one for all and all for one concept, and (B) promote racism, animosity, disdain of our country, it’s history, our founding fathers, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our flag, past heroes, our form of government, and (C) replace Christianity with secularism, and (D) fragment and reduce/destroy our military capabilities.  We must heed Abraham Lincoln’s warning, “A house divided cannot stand.”  In this case, a military divided cannot protect our country.   

Fortunately, this CRT insanity has encountered some initial resistance in both the mid-level/junior officer and enlisted ranks.  This reported disgruntlement has made its way into the public domain. As a result, when Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appeared before the House Armed Services Committee last month (June 23rd) to discuss budget issues, he was confronted by congressional Republicans on the controversial issue of CRT, which has no place in our military.

 Apparently, to please the White House and stay on good terms with the SDP, Gen. Milley’s comments tended to support CRT and political indoctrination of military personnel, rather than arguing  against cuts in the military’s budgets.  He was eager to talk about “white rage.”  (To be continued in Part II.)

God bless America, Israel, and Sparta!

--Jerry Jones is CIA retired and a native of Sparta.


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