Communist China's goals:  Defeat the USA and assume world leadership dominance-II

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In last week's Part I commentary on the Chinese Communist Party's extreme fixation on a diabolical plan to destroy the United States and dominate the world, we revealed that said plan is underway and has been for several years.  Conformation of China's overall plan was unearthed by Cathy He and Nicole Hao, two excellent journalists from The Epoch Times, one of the largest anti-communist Chinese-language newspaper groups outside of China.  Their source of information was a covertly acquired copy of a speech authored by Jin Canrong, a prominent Chinese professor/scholar known for his fiery anti-U.S. rhetoric.  As noted last week, his speech was made before a restricted audience.  It was not meant for public consumption, inside or outside of China.

In last week's article we dealt with what the radical professor referred to as the Four Practical Tactics to weaken the United States:  (01) Manipulating Elections,  (02) Controlling the U.S. Stock Market, (03) Fostering enemies of the U.S., and (04) Causing International Problems for the U.S. They are worth a re-read as they show just how devious and to what lengths the CCP is willing to go to rule the world.

The varying subject matter addressed in Professor Jin Canrong's speech required a two-day presentation on his part.  That is why the information being conveyed to you had to be in two parts and in summary form.

Rather than re-visiting or expanding on last week's information  regarding the four previously noted tactics of the CCP, this week I have chosen to highlight the CCP's simultaneous efforts to Strengthen the Chinese Regime; i.e. make it ready for war and world dominance.  As you read this keep in mind three things.  First, the source of the information is a rabidly anti-American  Chinese professor closely connected to the upper echelon of the CCP as an advisor.  Second, this is the scary mindset of the CCP.  Third, the CCP did not want you to have access to this information.

There is a wealth of information in the 35-paragraph Epoch Times article. And, in spite of that, I dare say you have read or heard very little about this in the U.S. Fake News Media.  I know I haven't! If you are wondering why not?  Because, in my considered opinion, Joe Biden and the "leadership" of the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP), with the behind-the-scenes help of  the CCP, envision both a lengthy tenure in the White House and a  windfall of personal wealth for cooperating with the CCP.

The idiocy of the clearly dysfunctional SDP is that they actually believe that China wants to peacefully co-exist with America as the world's only two superpowers. To put that notion to rest, later in this article you will learn that China's targeted goal is to actually replace the U.S. as the world's only super power by 2049 (if not before).

Both the SDP and the CCP want the American people to believe Russia is America's number one enemy, not China.  That generates another WHY question.  The answer is not difficult to comprehend.  This unholy union want us to focus on Russia while China stealthy moves to weaken and destroy the U.S. abroad and at home.

This week's Part II opinion article is focused on what the professor entitled, "Strengthening the (Chinese) Regime."  This deals with the CCP's effort to expand and strengthen the Chinese Regime's economic and political power at home and abroad.  He divided this into four important arenas:  (01) Stealing U.S. Technology, (02) Expanding the Regime's Territory, (03) Building Global Influence by Leading Projects, and (04) Influencing International  Organizations.

The following summary comments/excerpts were derived from the written copy of Professor Jin's discovered speech and The Epoch Times commentary on the speech.

Arena One - Stealing U.S. Technology.

Professor Jin conceded that the CCP has depended on stolen U.S. technology to fuel its growth.  He said, "China's industry has a large output but lacks certain technology.  In the last 30 years China has bought technology, 46 percent of which came from Germany.  The United States has the best technology, but it doesn't sell  (it) to us."

He said, "key technology for China's J-20 fighter jet and the DF-31 Intercontinental ballistic missile was stolen from the U.S."

On the subject of space, he said "the Chinese regime is eager to get its hands on U.S. space technology." He implied that China can retrieve and disassemble U.S. satellites and reassemble them into Chinese ones. "In June 2016, China's Long March 7 Rocket launched Along 1, an orbital debris clean-up satellite, into space.  Beijing claimed that the Along-1 only brought space debris back to earth, but Jin suggested the satellite had another mission."  He noted "the U.S. said that the Along-1 was collecting American satellites from space and bringing them back to China."  Of course China denied this.  My Note:  This is one reason why we need the U.S. Space Force operational as soon as possible.

Arena Two - Expanding the Regime's Territory.

Per Professor Jin, "China will occupy the whole of the South China Sea and Taiwan in the near future."  (My Note: To accomplish that China would have to take control of the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.)  He commented that China lays claim to almost all of the South China Sea, despite a 2016 ruling by an international court finding that its territorial claims were unlawful.  The South China Sea is home to rich fishing grounds (waters) and potentially valuable natural resources.  The South China Sea is also one of the world's major shipping lanes."

Beijing has sought to bolster its claims in the strategic South Sea's waterways by building artificial islands in the area and building military outposts on them.  Professor Jin predicted that the CCP would continue this effort.  (My Note:  China's expanded building artificial islands and garrisoning them with Chinese military units is concerning to China's Asia-Pacific neighbor's, especially Vietnam.  The U.S. sides with Vietnam and, as a result diplomatic and trade relations between the two counties has rapidly improved. Having been back to Vietnam three times in the last few years, I can attest to the good relationship.

Jin also boasted about China's success in wresting control of the Scarborough Shoal from the Philippines in 2012 with the help of thousands of Chinese fishing boats and Chinese coast guard vessels.  He said the Chinese would use the same tactic if the U.S. tried to intervene on behalf of the Philippines.

Commenting on Taiwan, Jin said "China views the self-ruled island as part of its territory, and vowed to bring Taiwan under it fold with force.  Jin commented  on a litany of ways that China could bring Taiwan to heel. Three of the more notable ways were bribing Taiwanese politicians, convincing the remaining few countries who recognize Taiwan diplomatically to switch to China, and assassinating some prominent Taiwanese to instill fear among the populace.

My Note:  Now that China has reclaimed Hong Kong and subdued its populace.  There is little doubt that Taiwan is their next big target.  As the host to the fast approaching Olympic Games, China is not likely to attack Taiwan until the games have come and gone.  With a weak U.S. president in Joe Biden and the disruptive Socialist Democrat Party tearing the U.S. apart internally, Taiwan has never been in greater danger.  The Biden Administration will do a lot of false huffing and puffing but it will not willingly come to the aid of Taiwan.  And, the United Nations will do what it does best; i.e. Nothing!   

Arena Three - Building Global Influence by Leading Projects.

Since 2013 China has been involved in a massive global investment strategy aimed at bolstering its economic and political influence across Asia, Europe, Africa and South America The projects involve investments in infrastructure and natural resources.  It saddles developing countries with unsustainable    debt burdens while allowing China to export its own technology and governance abroad.  China's goal is to team up with industrial Germany and deny the U.S. access to the world industrial market. 

In another power grab effort in the Pacific area China is pursuing what it calls  the "Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, a free trade proposal among 21 Asia-Pacific countries.  This is intended to spread China's influence across the region.  Professor Jin said "We are building up our circle of friends in the world. Then we can tell the U.S. that we are the only representative of the world."        

Arena Four - Influencing International Organizations.

Professor Jin explained the CCP's plan to exert greater influence over the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization, Interpol, the International Monetary Fund, the International Olympics Committee,, and the Organization for  Economic Cooperation and Development.  He said the goal is for "all of these international organizations to be controlled by China."

Jin said, "No matter how much power you have, it's nothing if you don't dare to use it. Chairman Xi dares to use it .... China's target is to actually replace the U.S. as the world’s only super power by 2049 (if not before)."  In closing, Jin cautioned his audience that "Chairman's Xi's ambitions cannot (yet) be revealed to the outside world."  

Having read Parts I and II of my article(s) entitled Communist China's Goals, is there any doubt in your mind who is America's Number One enemy?  On the world stage, my biggest concern is this:  If Taiwan is attacked by China and the United States and/or  her allies do not come to Taiwan's defense, China will be dangerously emboldened.  China cannot be allowed to take Taiwan. It should be remembered that it was Hitler's unchallenged military attacks on neighboring European counties under the guise of retaking claimed German land and rescuing alleged mistreated Germans into those countries, is how World War II started.

To acquiesce on the issue of Taiwan and condemn the Taiwanese people to a horrible future signals cowardice and weaknesses, and emboldens the Chinese bully.  The problem is that we have a weak and confused elderly man pretending to be president and an in-power political party that is in bed with China.

In the "Alphabet Game" just remember that the CCP and the SDP are enemies of the USA and YOU.  That is my opinion.    God Bless America!

Jerry Jones, is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret. and a native of Sparta.


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