America’s Achilles’ heel

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 Fortress USA is protected on the east coast by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west coast by the massive Pacific Ocean.  To our north. we are bordered/shielded by the country of Canada, and to our south we abut the country of Mexico.  At the present time, I cannot say we are protected or shielded by Mexico as there is no functional border with our southern neighbor as we are being invaded by human waves of illegal aliens from all points of the globe who transit  Mexico for illegal entry into the United States. But, to be fair, at this juncture, we are to blame.

To put a fine point on the word “we,” our demented president, Joe Biden, his vapor-like vice president, Kamala Harris, and the Socialist Democrat Party are to blame.  Never before have we had a president and vice president team so unqualified to lead our country, much less the free world.  And, as a result, never have so many critically bad decisions been made in such a short period of time with such immediate, devastating, and long-term consequences that imperil the future of the U.S.

I am not shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.  I am sadly declaring that the outlook for the future of our children and grandchildren is beyond pessimistic.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris seem intent, or should I say their Marxist handlers who put the words in their mouths are intent, on record inflation, devaluing the U.S. dollar, crashing our economy, and creating a citizenry that will be totally dependent of a large and every expanding central government.  That government is now paying people to stay home and not work, polluting society with released criminals, indoctrinating our children at levels in our schools/universities, and making the U.S. financially, economically, and militarily vulnerable.  That is a mixture of all the “isms” at work; i.e. Marxism, socialism and communism, as they sit in the White House and stain its history.

Thanks to our Founding Fathers, a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, two World Wars, and “The Greatest Generation” we have never before had to deal with representatives of our enemies ruling one of our two major political parties (now commonly referred to as the Socialist Democrat Party) sitting in the White House, controlling our government, and literally impeding/manipulating every aspect of our daily lives.

And, I do not want to hear that is “just sour grapes.”   It cannot be effectively denied that (01) Joe Biden is unqualified to be president, (02) Kamala  Harris is in way over her head and was picked because of her sex and ethnicity, (03) Nancy Pelosi is a self-centered and vindictive narcissist, (04) Chuck Schumer is a do-as-your-told party stooge, and (05) our country is being run by an unholy behind-the-scenes committee of “isms” joyously dedicated to the destruction of the hope of the free world.

If that isn’t bad enough, and now that I have your attention, I am veering this commentary toward an even more serious and potentially catastrophic problem that has been quietly lingering and slowly evolving for years. And, quite frankly, I believe it is beyond the comprehension of Biden, Harris, and any elected official associated with the Socialist Democrat Party. Or, could it be they just don’t care?  I am going with both a lack of comprehension and a lack of caring.  But I care, and I know most  of you care. 

With that said, I now ask for your patience. I do like keeping you in suspense, but there is no way I can do the Achilles Heel subject matter justice in the space allotted for my weekly commentary.  Therefore, I have used this week’s article as an opening gambit to set the stage for next week’s important and to-the-point commentary on this extremely important issue.  Until then, God Bless America!

--Jerry Jones is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret., and a native of Sparta.


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