Findlay Elementary students recognized at board meeting

Students presented with trophy to commemorate their recognition


During the March meeting of the White County School Board, Rebecca Ryan, principal at Findlay Elementary School and host for the monthly meeting, presented seven students to the board members to spotlight their achievements.

“Landry is kind, an excellent listener, and friendly,” Valerie Tylka, pre-K teacher, said about Landry Ryan. “She is very helpful, always engaged in activities, and keeps everyone in line (especially her teacher).”

Kindergarten teacher Rachel Meadows spoke about her student, Kindle Simmons.

“Kindle walks into school with a smile on her face,” she said. “He is so excited to learn new things and always works hard. Kindle is a great listener, and she tries to find a way to help everyone she meets. Kindle is one of a kind.”

Nolan Hill was the first-grade student that Kim Luna chose to talk to the board members about.

“Nolan has been a great blessing in my classroom this year,” Luna said. “He has been a true support to one of my students that lost his father in an accident and had become almost non-verbal. Nolan has created an environment where the child can talk, laugh, and have fun. Nolan is such a kind heart and wants to help anytime he can.”

Second grade teacher Tammy Hickey spoke about her student, Jake Horton.

“Jake is a very respectful student,” Hickey said. “He is kind to everyone and does everything to the best of his ability. He is a true friend to all and exemplifies the qualities of an all-around good student.”

Third grader Ava Elrod was recognized by her teacher, Logan Lowery.

“Ava is the embodiment of what it means to be a well-rounded student,” Lowery said. “Each day that she walks into the school building, she is determined to do her best in each of her classes. Not only is she consistently prepared for class, but she also expresses such an inspiring amount of determination and perseverance to reach her goals. Aside from academics, inclusivity comes naturally for Ava. There is not a person that Ava meets in which she doesn’t offer a smile. She befriends all those around her, offering encouragement and a kind word along the way.”

Fourth grade teacher Macee Howard chose to speak about Alice Patel.

“Alice is always polite, and you can count on her to have a smile on her face,” Howard said. “She is friends with everyone and has such a kind heart. Alice is diligent in her work and is always dependable to help others in need. She strives to always do her best in her studies.”

Melissa Eldridge spoke about fifth grade student Peyton Harrison.

“Peyton always has a great, positive attitude,” Eldridge said. “She is an incredible example of the kind of person who includes everyone, regardless of their differences. She can be trusted to make good choices and encourages others to do so as well. She continuously puts the needs of others above her own, while constantly seeking positive ways to be a strong leader for her fellow classmates.”

The spotlighted students were presented with a trophy to commemorate their recognition for diligence and kindness.


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