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I just finished listening to Joe Biden speak about his COVID-19 plan. It sounded remarkably like Trump’s. The only real difference is Joe much prefers the heavy hand of the federal government controlling things. Joe talks about mandating mask wearing, and you can just imagine what other activity would be lumped into the forbidden activity folder. Going to church? Definitely risky. Oh, and what else did the liberal governors find troubling? Private ownership of guns. If we give the authoritarians like “A.O.C. plus three” control in a time of national crisis, will we ever get it back?

One of the “improvements” Joe Biden is going to bring to his COVID plan is that he will “listen to the experts.” Joe tosses that around as if it is the answer to every problem. But, surely Joe knows there are as many scientific answers as there are questions. Which scientists, then, will have Joe’s ear? Looking over the heavy handedness of Joe’s plan, I bet the scientist that recommends the most federal control will be the winner. What do you think?

The thing these Democrats don’t want to acknowledge is that Trump has done an admirable job. In a country of 330 million people, 200,000 is a pretty low number for these kinds of contagions. And when you realize two additional bits of information, namely one, that only 6 percent of that CDC number died from COVID alone, and 79 percent of the deaths were in the 65-infinity years of age, you start to realize how remarkably well we have done! Joe claims Trump didn’t tell the American people enough about the dangers, and he even said, “We’re Americans, we don’t panic!” Yeah! I wonder who buys Joe’s toilet paper for him? I still don’t understand what all the mass purchase of toilet paper was about, but it was not a calm, rational decision.

If you recall the beginning of this primary, Joe Biden was running as the conservative alternative to these radical Democrats. Joe was the guy from Scranton that rode the train home every day. 

“As recently as the 1990s, Biden was voting for pro-life legislation. In 1995, he voted in favor of a ban on partial-birth abortions and continued doing so until it was signed into law by then-President George W. Bush, in 2003. Then, when the Supreme Court upheld the controversial ban, in 2007, Biden was the only Democratic presidential candidate not to publicly oppose the high court’s decision. Instead, he defended his vote to ban partial-birth abortions, saying, “I think it’s an extraordinary circumstance. I make no apologies for it.”  (“Faith Wire” Tré Goins-Phillips ,Editor April 25, 2019)

When Joe Biden ran for president in 2008, he seems to have reconsidered a lot of his long-held beliefs that seemed to have gone away. I think we can all understand that Joe saw he was going to have to change his beliefs to remain and run in the Democrat Party... and so he did! Once you start changing what you believe at an advanced age, how does that stop?

Just this last week, a bubbling scandal seems to have boiled over.  It seems the FBI has a laptop that was recovered from a computer repair shop in Delaware. Surely we all have heard that on that laptop were emails, scheduled meetings, and payments to the Biden family with cryptic notes that said things like, “H will get 10 (million?) extra to hold for the big guy.” 

Well, right before the debate took stage last night, a man (Tony Bobulinski) claiming to be a business partner who acted in these business dealings, offered his testimony of having been in meetings where both Biden and Chinese officials were present. Official Washington rumor was that this witness is giving a deposition to the FBI this week. Of course, the FBI has had this laptop since December last year, so...

Just a little background on our FBI chief, Christopher Wray. I wondered why Wray was passed through the Senate so easily. It seems Wray may well be from the swamp. 

From Sidney Powell comes this background on Wray: “Andrew Weissmann’s supervisor when Weissmann was at the Department of Justice on the Enron Task Force, destroyed Arthur Anderson, sent four Merrill Lynch executives to prison on an indictment that didn’t state an offense while they hid the evidence they were innocent for six years. It’s the same old pattern, and Mr. Wray is part of it. Weissman was Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s chief lieutenant in the Russia-collusion witch hunt.” 

Rumor also has it that one of President Trump’s Washington lawyers that had been giving the president some advice on hiring was responsible for that mishap. So, we can count on the FBI to keep a lid on what they can of this crucial witness’ testimony.

At the end of all of this, Joe Biden comes off as just another power -hungry, money-grubbing, scandal-ridden, compromised politician. However much he might wish he had stayed true to his principles, he did not.

Joe even claimed in his statement that Trump had damaged the credibility of our national institutions. I think we all agree that it was the actions of Biden/Obama appointees that damaged the institutions of government. And that damage has not yet been addressed.

Walking free on the street and appearing on television broadcasts throughout the nation are people we know took part in an attempted coup to throw out a duly-elected president of the United States. Our Justice Department, together with our FBI, have yet to charge one of the conspirators with any charges whatsoever. There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton destroyed evidence under subpoena through erasing the hard drive in her government-furnished computer as well as smashing phones with subpoenaed evidence on them. She walks free even, after the most recent developments that brought to light her signing off on the idea of using Russian help to try and frame Donald Trump!

And speaking of institutions that are ruined, major national newspapers have already declared they will not cover these government scandals! How’s the reputation of our mass media in the good old USA holding up? No so well!

We had all better try to ignite a wave of voting that will slap these swamp creatures and take away their power. I am not sure a modest win in a place like Pennsylvania would not be overwhelmed by  fraudulent votes mailed in after the Democrats know exactly how much fraud is needed. Allowing votes to come in and be counted after the day of the race, regardless of postmark or with no postmark at all, is an open invitation for voter fraud. Mail in your vote. and go to the polls on the last day and boom! Two votes for you! 

So, our win must be decisive and overwhelming. Evangelicals only register at a 50 percent rate, and only half of those registered show up to vote. I hope you belong to a church that is boldly addressing this issue. The religious members of our community need to vote their convictions on this matter and in overwhelming numbers. That missing 50 percent needs to hear a call to action.

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