God’s intentional miracle in the moment

Christpoint Church


Most of us live our lives these days with a “start and finish” mentality. Every aspect of our daily routine has a beginning, from the test we take at school to the jobs we clock in for at work, and our lives are conditioned with completions, like finishing breakfast or shopping for groceries. The apostle Paul spoke of completion in Galatians 4:4. I would like to point out that Paul speaks of the birth of Jesus as “the fullness of time.” In other words, in the completion of time, Jesus was born. But what block of time is Paul speaking of concerning Jesus? Many of us may think that Jesus was just born when he was born - no planning, no premeditation, or intent on God’s part. When Paul was speaking of the completion of time, he was letting us know that God was specific in the timing of Jesus birth.

The Roman Empire had spread across the known world. They had occupied cities and made better roads for travel. They had settled most of these areas with a common dialect and spiritual hunger was at an all- time high. However, contributing these amenities were to proclaim a messiah the fullness of time was given to us by the angel Gabriel himself in the book of Daniel chapter 9. He speaks of a block of time until the prince would come, being 483 years. In Hebrew vernacular, God measured seven years by calling them a week. Gabriel spoke of 70 weeks or 490 years. One of those weeks is reserved for the tribulation, and the other 69 weeks total 483 years by the Hebrew lunar calendar. That 483 years began when Nehemiah led Israelites back into Jerusalem, and many scholars call it completed on Palm Sunday, April 6, 32 AD, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumphant manner.

483 years were complete when Jesus was regarded and recognized as the king, the fullness of time could not be completed in the streets of Jerusalem that day if Jesus had never been born when he was 32 years earlier. You see the miracle was in the conception and the birth, but was also in the moment.

God was intentional concerning two moments of time: one when his son was born as Savior and the other when you and I call on that Savior for salvation. Let’s not be afraid of what we don’t know, have difficulty understanding, or simply can’t explain. Just enjoy the moment because your miracle is in it.

Meet me this Sunday, and we can talk more about God’s perfect timing. We are Christpoint Church. We’re on Liberty Square, in Sparta, and we’ll meet you at the door. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.


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