Impeachment and a new county code inspector

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First off – A big shout out to anyone that had the stomach to sit through the entire Democrat presentation. Your tolerance of poor, cheesy acting is top grade!  I suspect it is only the expense involved in replacing televisions these days that kept me from throwing something through the screen. And they went on and on and on, seemingly unaware of the spectacle they were making of themselves.

Just this last summer when other people’s houses were burning, and other people’s life savings and life’s work in building a business were being destroyed, and other people’s lives were in danger, these politicians showed that they did not care at all about the lives of their constituents. These very same people now seemed to think the public would be moved by their crocodile tears and poor acting. On and on they went moaning and crying. Don’t they realize Democrat big-city policies have forced many to live their whole life in constant fear and deprivation? Of course, they do not. And if they did, they would not care, because it is not about helping constituents build better lives or even getting out of the way and allowing constituents to do it themselves. For these politicians, it is all about how far they can climb, how much power can they accumulate, and how much wealth can they retire with. There is no focus on constituents, at all, other than during election season, and they resent even then the need to ask for votes. A few years in Washington, and they begin to believe they were “born” for the job.

The longer this farce went on, the more obvious it was to all watching that Trump and his speech were not the triggering factor. The representative from the Islands (non-voting) went so far as to make that very case. As the president’s defense pointed out, the entire event was simply an attempt by those with political power to “cancel” Donald John Trump and the 75 million people that voted for him. There was precious little they had to actually show Trump had “inspired” any of the events of that day. To the contrary, as Trump’s defense lawyers pointed out, what little evidence was available suggested a number of different groups with hatred for Trump, the country, or other hatreds, were the ones carrying out the actual raid on the capitol. They also pointed out that one of the founding members of ANTIFA was taken into custody and quickly released. They ran past that hurriedly, almost gingerly. I must wonder why they did not stop, underline, capitalize, italicize, jump up and down, and generally make a far bigger deal out of that than they did. It drives the point home that ANTIFA was there and part of the conspiracy. It is, at times like these, that you see the undercurrent of powerful forces swirling through the room that you have no real notion of. Certainly, they did not run past it for Trump’s sake. The very opposite would be to their client’s advantage.

Did you notice how carefully Trump’s defense lawyers avoided mentioning anything about the very suspicious election? They could have pointed out the recording we all saw of election officials covering the windows of the viewing room, pulling the suitcases of ballots from under the table, etc., and pointed out that President Trump’s suspicions were not without merit. But they did not.

Rumor has it that the reason Trump’s first lawyers quit the case was because Trump insisted that be a part of his defense. Again, I ask, why is it so terrible to point out what should be obvious to us all? That there was very credible evidence that things had gone awry somewhere in the process? I had a comment written on my column from weeks ago where I questioned the election results, and the writer asked what evidence I had of election interference?

And, here again, we are confronted with people who only watch one side of an issue and then proceed to believe they know the whole story! Why were they covering the windows of the counting room? Did they not want the world to watch their honest counting? Why did that clerk scan the same ballots over and over again? Why did they say a water main had broken, send witnesses home, and then continue counting, pulling suitcases from hidden places full of ballots? Why were there so many ballots with only Trump’s race voted? Why so many ballots that show up with no postage mark and all favoring Biden? On and on and on…

So, whatever happens regarding this impeachment, we will have wasted time and money that could have been better spent elsewhere. Some suggest this charade was only to provide cover as Ole Joe continues to rule like a king, issuing executive order after executive order, 40-plus to date. Have we lost our country already and just have not received the notice in the mail?

On another topic, let me turn briefly to an issue that I have had brought to my attention. The White County Board of Commissioners has created a new position for the government here in White County. This position is called something on the line of a code inspector. The purpose for this is to give recourse to property owners that have objections to the interference of their enjoyment of their own property by the actions of their neighbors.

Now, I have no doubt this position is being created out of the best of intentions. But do we really need to be able to control our neighbor and what he does with his property out in the county? The resolution’s number is 40-08-2020, and it creates both an inspector and a county board to supervise that inspector. The inspector is to only respond to complaints from property owners concerning what this act calls “a filthy condition” and goes on at some length to describe that condition. But will it stop at that or stay at that? To keep things reasonable, the act says the complaint must be filed by a homeowner within 500 yards of the offending property. Also contained in this act is a noise problem, which is within 500 feet of the complaining neighbor. Furthermore, the fines are $50 per day per offense after the 30 days has expired from when you get the notice. And furthermore, the county can have your “mess” cleaned up and put a lien on your property until you pay it! Now you can request a hearing before the county board and perhaps get this notice disregarded - or perhaps not!

Do we really want to create and fund a position that will empower someone to go about the county and engage in this kind of thing?   ZME science website says that, “Belgian researchers actually found that a rooster’s crow averages more than 130 decibels for 1-2 seconds, which is about as intense as standing 15 meters away from a jet taking off. One of the three studied roosters was recorded crowing at more than 143 decibels, which is like standing in the middle of an aircraft carrier with jets whizzing by.”

So, can we be fined for a rooster crowing in the morning when we live out in the country if our neighbor is within 500 feet? I would urge all of you to read up on this act and act before it is too late. Even now, the board has asked Senator Paul Bailey and Representative Paul Sherrell to take a request to the state to change the state code to allow White County to create such a position. I know neighbors can be annoying, but is this kind of government interference in our lives what we want? And, as a side note, Paul Bailey and Paul Sherrell are only doing what the board has asked them to do. And they have every right to conclude the board, as our elected representatives, are acting on our behalf. All I am saying is that I think this thing has flown under the radar with COVID and other issues taking the lead. I am bringing it to your attention now before that change in the Tennessee code is passed. Maybe you need to give your board member a call and find out what is going on here. It might not be what you want!    


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