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Good morning and welcome everybody! Let us resume where we left off last week on our listing of our friends and our enemies in political terms. We had made some headway when we had to stop and mention the loss of Rush Limbaugh, who died last week and was quietly laid to rest this week in a private ceremony. We will not soon see his kind pass this way again. The public memorial service being planned will be an unashamed attempt to try and promote conservatism using Rush’s death. And that is fine. After all, that was Rush’s life’s work.

So, I think we should take back up naming our enemies with the Congress critters serving close to home. Does anyone remember Senator Marsha Blackburn and Senator Bill Hagerty?

Here is a joint statement by the two of them before the disturbance at the capital interrupted the plans on accepting vote totals from the states:

“Tennesseans elected us as their United States senators to represent their views and values in Washington and to always fight for them, which is why we have concluded without any reservation that we will stand against tainted electoral results from the recent presidential election. We know that our elections, built around the Electoral College, which is a fundamental element, are the envy of the world. Protecting their integrity and ensuring the results are free and fair are critical to maintaining the trust of our own citizens. Since Nov. 3, hardworking men and women from across Tennessee have contacted us to justifiably express anger and concern that some states conducted the recent election in a manner that did not respect the rule of law and may have violated many of their state constitutions as well as Article II of the U.S. Constitution.”

So, they said they believed they were elected to fight for us, and that they concluded without any reservation they would stand against the tainted electoral results. But they didn’t; did they? They stated that they were without any reservation in believing this was their duty as elected senators… So why didn’t they? And why have they completely failed to answer for their complete turnaround in their “stand against tainted election results?”

Now, I believe that there was a meeting in Washington D.C., and the big wigs in power like Mitch McConnell said that any member voting against accepting the election returns would never be allowed to chair a committee or have any position of authority. And Tennessee’s senators’ ambition was far more important to them than any promise they had made to the voters. So, I ask you, are they our friends? Can they be counted on to be on our side when the going gets rough? We must conclude the answer is no. But did anyone from Tennessee have the nerve and honesty to represent their constituents?

“In the House of Representatives, Rep. Tim Burchett, Scott DesJarlais, Charles Fleischmann, Mark Green, John Rose, and Diana Harshbarger voted to object. Representatives Steve Cohen, Jim Cooper, and David Kustoff voted ‘nay.’ This is from “Fox 17 Nashville news.” Voting nay in this instance meant voting not to object to the tainted election returns, while voting aye meant to object to those returns. So, we see several congressmen managed to keep the faith with their voters. These folks are true friends.

Let us turn to another old friend of ours that is looking more and more like an enemy. An online social gathering spot, it has grown increasingly anti-conservative and anti-free speech. Many believe that its policy on killing all the negative stories concerning Joe Biden’s son and his billion- and-a-half-dollar deal with the communist Chinese single-handedly swung the race to Biden. In polls taken after the race had ended, a sufficient percentage of Democrat voters said they would not have voted for Biden had they learned of his son’s deals with the Chinese communists to have swung the race to Trump. I am referring, of course, to Facebook. After a lot of serious thought, I am going to sign off Facebook. I am still trying to copy everything I have on there, including some writing and some photos I have nowhere else. I am also going to attempt a post critical of Facebook and see if I can get it on there without getting it taken down.

If you do a search for Facebook and its censorship, you will find even the folks that work there are ashamed of what that site has done to free speech. And, well, they should be! But, just like we keep electing the same old politicians that keep voting for the same old leftist policies, will we keep financially supporting those that would crush us under their heal? And if we do, do we have any right to complain? You know, I cruise the posts at Facebook and I think, “this could all be happening on MeWe with business folks that support conservative thought! We made Facebook, and we can unmake Facebook and make MeWe.”

But it calls for independent thinking and action that we have been refusing to take for an exceptionally long time now.

I have friends that talk to me of staying in touch with the grandkids…and I understand. But where went the idea of being an example to those same grandchildren? We cannot expect our country to improve if we are unwilling to make these simple sacrifices to improve it.

The power we have as a group of 74 million Trump supporters and consumers - that is what frightens the left. What would happen if we all decided we were going to buy food anywhere except Walmart? Before they could get the orders to stop coming in, they would have lost millions in spoiled produce and other goods. We have the power to create the change we seek. But we cannot do it on the cheap. We must stand strongly for what we believe. We are the inheritors of those soldiers at Valley Forge that left bloody footprints in the snow. To a large degree, these America-hating teachers and professors were paid with our tax dollars, educated in our public schools, and taking control in our lifetime! Will we pass from this life and leave this deteriorating country as our legacy to our future generations? The choice is going to pass from our reach if we don’t react soon!       


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