Patients are running the asylum

Think for Yourself


I am tired of weak-willed leadership and leaders who need to think more logically. I am also tired of a flaccid citizenry willing to accept the garbage from both major parties in Washington. If everyone complaining about the politics in America voted for something different, we would have something different. They don’t. They support party labels. As the saying goes, “Insanity Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This nation has gone crazy, and the patients are running the asylum.

Ukraine is worth fighting for - or it isn’t. Some politicians want to send money because they know sending troops would be unpopular. Others oppose sending money because they say it is fiscally irresponsible. If the United States and our European allies agree that Russia will not stop with Ukraine, then there should be no question that we should support Ukraine completely. Recently President Biden said that if we didn’t financially support Ukraine’s fight, we would have to send troops to support our NATO allies when Russia attacks them next. If true, every NATO ally should send aid and troops to defeat Russia in Ukraine. Ukraine is worth complete support, or it isn’t any support!

Hamas attacked Israel more viciously than the terrorists’ attack on the United States on 9/11. We went after the terrorists, got bogged down with politics and optics, and lost our way. The attack against Israel reminds us that some individuals and organizations will not be happy until all Americans and Israelis die. When they chant, “Death to Israel, death to America,” we should believe they want us dead. These terrorists didn’t fly planes into buildings, killing faceless civilians. They knowingly raped and killed women, beheaded babies and children, and recorded executions to broadcast worldwide. Now is not the time to practice calm and restraint! 

Congressmen, senators, and presidents from both parties have spent our children’s futures without care. They have eroded our freedoms and made us servants and wards of the government. Political parties, not people, are running our government. There are radical, power-hungry individuals in both parties. They are not enough to steer the boat, so they sink it instead. When one party does get control, the radicals are pandered to, or they block everything. This is true for BOTH parties!

Honest individuals don’t last long in Washington, or they are quickly labeled as “crazies.” Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Trey Gowdy, and even Harold Ford Jr. were attacked within their respective parties just as much as they were from the other party. I might sometimes disagree with each of them, but I never doubted their honest intentions. Donald Trump is an egotistical and crude individual, but he never pretends to be something different. I despise Trump’s personality and could not stand him long before he ran for president, but he was never allowed to succeed as president.

The biggest lie told to the American people is political parties saying, “We need to control everything to get anything done.” I am scared of either party taking total control. Ronald Reagan and Tipp O’Neal accomplished great things together. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich accomplished great things together. Single-party dominance is not the answer because absolute power corrupts absolutely. We need leaders who speak honestly and logically to win public support and consensus, not parties without opposition.

Our political leaders only want to convince you why you should oppose the other party. Partisan water-bearers multiply this oppositional view. A party cannot think or lead. People do. Don’t tell us why the other party is wrong. Convince us you are right. Don’t tell me about your party. Tell me about your ideas. We need to demand better. The American people need to retake control. Partisan Americans continue to do the same thing repeatedly with no change. Maybe our political leaders are just a reflection of the “crazies” they represent. Think for yourself.    


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