Reactions to Troy Smith and readers who wrote me

Think for Yourself


I am writing this entry as a response to a statement Troy Smith has made a couple of times since I have been writing my column, but I believe this is something that we all should consider. Troy has mentioned that he doesn’t agree 100 percent with the Democratic Party, but he proudly says he is a party member and an advisor to the TTU College Democrats. Troy says his biggest complaint is “how cozy they are with Wall Street and big business in general.” He followed by stating that he believes both parties are too eager to turn to “military options.” He stated that he wasn’t in favor of disbanding the police, then accused many of acting like “soldiers patrolling an enemy warzone.” Lastly, he stated that he was a gun owner and believes “it is a fundamental right to have a gun to defend your home and family.” He continued “that doesn’t mean there should be no regulations regarding what type of guns civilians should be allowed access to.” Each of his carefully worded disagreements with the Democratic Party was either followed by stating that the Republicans are even worse or by an explanation that he only disagrees with how far the National Democratic Party wants to take the issue. Hardly a scathing and emphatic condemnation of any particular policy. I don’t expect Troy to really attack his party, and, even if he did, he is just one, sometimes moderate, voice in a party full of loud radicals.

 OK! All of you Republicans, time to quit laughing. You are no better. When I agree with a policy, it is because I have studied that policy and believe in the position I am taking. Despite that, I am still always willing to hear and consider opposing arguments. I do not shrink from baseless accusations or succumb to emotional arguments that do nothing to promote solutions. I vote for candidates despite their being Republican or Democratic candidates. I often attack both parties, but I prefer to talk about issues without involving party politics whenever possible. Recently, I asked my readers to let me know what they think about my column. I appreciate the few who responded, including Troy Smith and a few of his colleagues from Tennessee Tech. I want to clear something up right now. Despite sometimes disagreeing with Troy’s positions and pointing out things he writes that irritate me, I am not here to attack Troy or his beliefs. I love Troy and believe that, on the scales of life, he is an overall good man. I will always try to clearly and concisely expose positions that I disagree with no matter which party or individual is presenting it. To address mistakes about who I am and what I believe let me try to sum it up in my final 170 words. 

I believe in a small federal government that fulfills its constitutional obligations and stays out of Americans’ homes and places of worship. I believe in the Constitution and oppose any attempt to modify or circumvent it without going through the amendment process. (This means I can own whatever weapon I want for whatever reason I want, and I can say whatever I want. Laws that say otherwise are unconstitutional.) I believe in freedom. Even the freedom to do things that do not infringe on the rights of others that I find stupid or morally objectionable. I believe that both major political parties are corrupt. I want strict time and situational limits on abortion but not a complete ban on abortion. I oppose racism and racial justice. (Justice should be blind.) I believe law enforcement is good, but individuals can act badly. I believe that my words might offend you, but that doesn’t make my words offensive. I believe in securing the borders and in reforming immigration law. I believe each of you should think for yourself.      


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