Searching for photo


I am asking for help once again! I am searching for an old photo of “Uncle Roy’s” restaurant that was located in the former “Tastee Freez” (can’t remember the correct spelling) location, on the east side of town. If you are near my age (65-plus), I am sure that you probably ate one of Mrs. Bohannon’s fantastic hamburgers at the Tastee Freez. I have a photo of the Tastee Freez, but I need one of the location when it was Uncle Roy’s, which was probably in the mid-to-late 1980’s. Why, you may ask, do I need this photo? Guess what! “Granny’s Soft Serve and More” will be opening soon (tentative date of July 1), with the construction of a building in the same location! The owner would like this photo to display at her business. Let’s help her out! Also, she would like any relatives of the Bohannon family or relatives of “Uncle Roy” to be special guests at the grand opening. Send photos and information about a relative to Let’s help make the east end of town a thriving business section once again!


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