Socialist Democrat Party - the true enemy of the USA

(Jerry Jones is CIA, Ret. and native of Sparta, Tennessee)


It is time to disenfranchise the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP) as a political party, shine the bright light of truth on it, and recognize it for what it is; i.e. an anti-American hate group that wants to destroy our form of government - a Constitutional Federal Republic.  In fact, given  their involvement in and support of the violent riots that are now destroying many of our big cities, which have been controlled for decades and are still currently ruled by Democrat mayors, the SDP and its radical leadership qualifies as a Domestic Terrorist Group.  If grassroots Democrats can’t regain control of their party, which seems to be an impossibility at this late date, their provocative civil disorder could turn into a civil war.  I believe that is exactly what they want to do.  Their goal is to make it look as though the president cannot control the country. That will not work as the transparency of the SDP’s involvement is crystal clear.

What is happening in our big cities now is in line with the well-documented  tactics used to overthrow a target country by Socialist and Communist agitators.  In this instance, our country is the target.  This is not conjecture of my part.  We are under attack, and the big cities are just the overt beginning. The Socialists have already surreptitiously infiltrated and undermined our education system and are attacking our history, culture, and Christian faith.

The poisonous vines of socialism/communism will be creeping around your back door sooner than you know, if not already.  Do not make the mistake that Adam and Eve made when the deceptive serpent came calling.  Hopefully, this line from one of my favorite country songs will serve as a worthwhile reminder - “Everything that glitters is not gold.”

In the past, in spite of their differences, following a presidential election, our two major parties - the Republican Party and the Democrat Party - would find a way to work together on important issues in the interest of the American people.  Since the election of Donald Trump, the Democrats have been focused on one thing only, trying to remove him from office.  Why?  I have answered that question before, but I will answer it again.

During the eight-year wrecking-ball nightmare reign of the “false messiah,” Barack Obama, our economy and financial stability plummeted to the edge of the abyss.  Companies, industries, factories, and plants left the U.S. in record numbers.  Our jobless numbers and the national debt rose to new heights, and Obama personally told us that we, as a nation, had seen our better days.  His message was that those departed companies/manufacturing entities and the jobs that went with them were never coming back.  He told us to get accustomed to it.

As a pleased Obama prepared to leave office with our country stagnant, deeply in debt and ready for the fall into humiliation as a has-been country, ready to be kicked around by the rest of the word, he looked to his almost certain successor, Hillary Clinton, to push the cocked-and- ready detonating plunger that would seal our future as a has-been nation.  This would make the transition to socialism a sure thing.  “Big Government” would rule the country, and the word “comrade” would replace the titles of Mr. and Mrs. 

But fate, more formally known as “God,” intervened.  Donald John Trump, a businessman, not a politician, won the White House.  And, in less than four years, he has become the most successful American president in history.  America is once again the acknowledged leader of the free world and the envy of our enemies, among whom you will now find the Socialist Democrat Party.

Having listened to the rhetoric of the Socialist Democrat Party’s talking heads, both in Washington D.C. and in the cities/states under attack by violent rioters, I have come to a disappointing conclusion.  I have also found additional credence to my disappointing conclusion.   I did so while I listened to and witnessed the verbal assault on Attorney General Barr by Democrat after Democrat earlier this week when he appeared before the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.  I have never witnessed a more vile, rude, unfriendly, untruthful, and hateful group of politicians as the Democrat members of that committee.  Their comments, actions, lack of civility, and unfounded accusations provided the exclamation point to my previous conclusion; i.e. the Socialist Democrat Party is no longer a political party.  In fact, given its public support of the violent rioters across the country, along with its behind-the-scenes role in the recent and current violence/anarchy in our major cities, I have further concluded the Socialist Democrat Party has become a Domestic Terrorist Group.  And, as such, it is an enemy of the United States.

Here are four very good reasons for that terrorist designation.  First, defunding and dismantling police departments and leaving citizens to the mercy of violently rioting and combative mobs.  Second, without regard for the personal safety of its citizens/businesses, repeatedly refusing clearly needed federal assistance in the form of additional law enforcement  personnel to quell these violent riots.  Third, opposing the increase and insertion of federal law enforcement personnel to protect federal building, properties, and personnel in these besieged cities. Four, encouraging violence by dangerous mobs and two designated domestic terrorist groups - ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter by ordering the abandonment of citizens and businesses in harm’s way.  There is little doubt that the Socialist Democrat Party is trying to  destabilize this country at a very dangerous time in the world.  It is time that the Socialist Democrat Party faces a reckoning end and becomes an annoying but minor footnote in the history of the country it is trying to destroy.

The president has not lost control of the country.  The Socialist Democrat Party has gone insane.  It is no longer a viable political party.  It is a Domestic Terrorist Group, which is a danger to the country.  The spoiled childlike antics of the Socialist Democrat Party over the past four years have graduated to serious and prosecution-level felonies.  What kind of a political party would nominate a dementia-infested elderly man as their candidate for president.  I see that act alone as being terrorist in nature.

That’s my unapologetic opinion.  God bless America!


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