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Socialist Democrats scurry to take total control

Central Intelligence Agency, Ret. Native of Sparta, Tennessee


The curious spelling of the word (Re)public in the title of this opinion commentary is designed to convey the fact that the American PUBLIC is the lifeblood of our Constitutional Federal Republic, the United States of America.  It is also intended to focus attention - once again - on the fact that the Socialist Democrat Party is making a frantic and fanatical effort to seize total control of our Republic. They want a single political party country, with no political or public opposition.

Their dream and intent is to create the Socialist States of America, and most likely model it after the Chinese Communists’ one-party rule of China.  Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the Socialist Democrat Party’s two ranking members of Congress,  want to get this accomplished as quickly as possible before we - the general public - realize we have lost both our freedoms and rights and no longer have any say, at any level, in our own lives, much less who runs the country or how it is run. 

The Democrats are becoming bolder about this, but, for the moment, it serves their purpose to deny this satanic and diabolical plot.  You do not have to accept my word or opinions on this matter. All you have to do is clear your mind and take an honest look at what is happening across our country.  Listen to both sides.  Stop depending on the fake news media TV outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the “big three” (ABC, CBS and NBC) and biased newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal for accurate information.  You will not find it there.  Just remember, an open, inquiring, and determined mind that summons the truth will, in the end, find it.

As a truth seeker, I have concluded the following:  If the genetics of mankind and womankind were such that telling a lie would be instantaneously lethal, there would be no Socialist Democrat Party in existence in the United States or anywhere else in the world today. There would be no Joe Biden, no Kamala Harris, no Chuck Schumer, no Nancy Pelosi, no Jerry Nadler, etc.  Peace on Earth. 

Regarding the Socialist Democrat Party’s ongoing effort to take total control of our (Re)public, the political tactics currently being employed against the Republican Party and all of us who oppose them are similar to Adolf Hitler’s World War II blitzkrieg military tactics.  Blitzkrieg is a German word meaning a “lightning war” that relies on deception, bold aggression, speed, and psychological shock to create disorganization among the opposition.

 We, the American people, the public, the citizens, are under a blitzkrieg political assault than seeks to destroy healthy political opposition in our country, turn our country into a one political party, Socialist-run country, with world leadership transferred to Communist China.  We are not under military attack, yet!  However, it is folly to stand by and believe common sense and cooler heads will prevail.  Not this time!

I am of the considered opinion that the prize to be won is far too valuable and never more vulnerable; i.e. total control of the United States, its world renowned economic prowess, its natural resources, the world’s most powerful military and, its most valuable asset, our people.

The Socialist Democrats have longed for this moment and will never have a better chance to achieve total control of our country than right now.  In fact, under the guidance of true Socialists and Communists inside and outside of our country, they are moving quickly to do so.

For socialism/communism to succeed and solidify its takeover of an unsuspecting country, there are certain key things that have to happen.  One of the first things that must be destroyed is religion and belief in God.  In a Socialist and/or Communist state/country there is only one God, and it is the large and powerful central government. Socialism, communism and Marxism are synonymous with atheism.

Think about all the churches, synagogues, and other places of worship that have been attached, burned, vandalized, and/or destroyed in the last 15 months.  I am still appalled by the Black Lives Matter rioters who wore t-shirts displaying the phrase “Crucify Jesus Again” in one of the televised riots on the west coast.  That was active socialism at work. 

Another absolute must for socialism/communism to flourish is government-controlled public healthcare.  The bait on that hook is the word “free.”  I have mentioned this before, but I feel the need to do so again.  To debunk the idea of government-controlled healthcare, all one has to do is talk to the Cuban immigrants, in Florida, about the Socialist  government’s atrocious healthcare system in Cuba and/or the massive number of Canadian citizens who regularly shun their government’s socialized medicine and come to the U.S. to get their medical treatment. I have had more than one Canadian tell me  they felt safer with home remedies than with the assembly-line diagnosis and the generic treatment of socialized medicine.  The largest universal complaint about socialized medicine is the excessive long wait for any needed surgical procedure.  Sympathy, concern, and urgency are not the hallmarks of government-controlled healthcare.  

Another high priority for the Socialist leadership who have taken over a country is the need to rewrite the history of the country as a means of taking away the memories of and any allegiance to the country’s historic past, former leaders, and revered heroes.  In conjunction with this, all school criteria must be pro-Socialist.  This tactic is quietly being introduced into all grades in our schools.  I have warned about this before.  If it hasn’t reached you yet, be prepared to repeal it.

I have always held teachers and educators in high regard.  They have important jobs.  We entrust them with our most valued treasures, our children.  We trust teachers to help us educate and prepare our children to go forth into adult life with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed.  As previously mentioned, an  important part of the teaching  curriculum is our country’s history.  It so important that it has become a target for eradication/ alteration by the Socialist Democrat Party.

It is imperative that we put an end to the fake history being taught in the classrooms.  We, as parents, must insert ourselves back into positions of overseeing what our children are being taught.  The unionized, prime-time, on-strike big city teachers are a disgrace to their profession and exposes them as agents of socialism.  I haven’t noticed any Socialist Democrat politician urging them to return to work.  As for me, I don’t believe I want this group back in any of our country’s classrooms.  If you have good teachers, be thankful and take good care of them.

As I close, I am going to repeat the following three sentences that appear in paragraph six of my foregoing commentary:  “We are not under military attack, yet!  However, it is folly to stand by and believe common sense and cooler heads will prevail.  Not this time!”  I will share my concerns about this subject in my next article.  The Socialist Democrats are playing with fire, and this should be cause for great concern to us.

God bless America and her patriots!


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