The 2020 election - opinion polls and fraudulent voting

Jerry Jones is CIA retired and Sparta native


Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, was a sad and discouraging day for the Socialist Democrats and their cabal of Marxists, Communists, Atheists, Anarchists, and their brainwashed anti-America base.  At approximately 6:30 p.m., EST, President Donald Trump walked out of Walter Reed Hospital and boarded Marine One.  He helicoptered back to the White House to resume his re-election campaign and keep America out of enemy hands.

The president had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and subsequently  hospitalized for four days.  Knowing the caliber of the leadership in the current Socialist Democrat Party (SDP) and their hate groups, it was not surprising that many of these individuals wished the president dead.  Their presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was not among those.  But, it was not because of any humanitarian feelings.  Mr. Biden had been constrained by his advisors as he couldn’t afford the bad publicity. However, you will note he did not denounce any of his supporters who openly said they hoped the president died.  That says a great deal about his lack of character. 

I have heard a number of people say that the president’s bout with Covid-19 works against him in the election.  I contend that is not the case.  The president can now relate to the virus and those who have been stricken by it.  The president is now firmly bonded with the people.  He has been leading the fight against COVID-19 from the front, not from his office.  He has been out and about, mingling with the people, telling them what is going on, what he is doing, and reassuring the people.  The fact he was “wounded” by the disease while on the front lines with the people establishes a special camaraderie with them.  He enjoys being with everyday Americans, and they  like the fact he comes out to see them on a regular basis.  The president’s detractors have never understood that his supporters see him as one of them.  He is not a politician, and the people have seen him out-perform every politician who has occupied the White House.

Earlier this week, there was a joint Wall Street Journal - NBC News poll that claims Joe Biden has a 14-point lead on President Trump.  This is the same type thing that happened about four weeks ahead of the 2016 election when polls had Hillary Clinton between 10 and 12 points ahead of Trump in the polls.  The 2016 polls were wrong, and so is the above-noted 2020 poll.  In fact, there was only one poll, in 2016, that showed Trump would win the election.  As you read this article, that same 2020 pollster has Trump five points ahead of Biden.  And, I suspect it is even higher.

I honestly believe the only way the SDP and their associates can reclaim the White House is to steal the election.  And, that effort is already underway.  They are counting on their “universal ballots” scheme to do just that.

In reading about the most recent voter fraud skulduggery already going on in Memphis, Tennessee, I was surprised to learn that, in December 2016, just after the presidential election, the State of Tennessee led the country with the most credible reports of voter fraud investigations.  In other words, Tennessee is paying attention to voter fraud and is the number one state in the country in the investigation of such fraud.  And, it appears that Memphis (Shelby County) will get a lot of investigative attention this year.  FYI:  The second most active state in pursuing election fraud is Georgia.

Meanwhile, in Texas, a lawsuit has been filed in the Texas Supreme Court against Harris County Clerk Chris Collins, a Democrat, which implicates him and several “elite” Democrat politicians in a massive illegal “ballot harvesting” operation. In addition to sworn affidavits video-taped interviews of knowledgeable witnesses/sources were also submitted to the court as supporting evidence.

A former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigative specialist, turned private investigator, who investigated the case in tandem with a former Houston Police Department captain, alleges in a sworn affidavit that “several elite Democrat politicians in Houston are behind the illegal scheme.”  The scheme involves ballot harvesting from the homeless, the elderly in nursing homes, the theft of ballots from the mailboxes of unsuspecting residences, etc.  FYI:  Harris County is one of the largest counties in the country, so this is no small matter.

What is ballot harvesting?  It is the gathering and submission of completed absentee ballots or universal mail-in voter ballots by third-party individuals, instead of by the voters themselves filling out the ballots and submitting the ballot to collection sites themselves.

In keeping with the subject of ballot harvesting in this important election year, I was not surprised to learn that in Minnesota, the Minneapolis Police Department is currently evaluating allegations of voter fraud involving  the controversial Democrat Congresswoman lihan Omar.  I do not have a great deal of information on this case. I do know it was prompted by a video that was posted by Project Veritas, an independent and well-regarded undercover investigative company.

The video apparently shows Liban Mohamed, the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, in his car with ballots filling the entire dashboard. I have not seen the video, but, per the report, Mohamed can be seen and heard making the following remarks:  I have  300 ballots in my car right now ... numbers don’t lie.  You can see my car is full.  All these here are absentee ballots.”

Omar Jamal, a Minneapolis community leader, subsequently implicated Congresswoman Omar in the alleged scheme, saying that “Mohamed is  one of her many people. It’s an open secret.  She will do anything she can to get elected, and she has hundreds of people on the streets doing that (the illegal harvesting of votes).”

It is clear that the Socialist Democrats are going to do anything to try and win this election.  They will fail if you get out and vote.  Never has your vote been more important.  Save our country from socialism!  Vote in person if you can.  If you can’t, ask that an absentee ballot be sent to you.  Fill it out yourself and ensure that it gets mailed back.  Do not use the universal ballots.  Given the amount of fraud associated already associated with them, they may be disallowed.  In New York City, over 100,000 misprinted and incorrect universal ballots have already been mailed out and created a fiasco.  A recall has been issued, but recovery is an impossible task.  New York City itself is just another example of a mismanaged Democrat-controlled city.  There is no good reason to vote for a Democrat president or a Democrat-controlled Congress.  

President Donald Trump had our economy at its highest level in history and our unemployment rates at recorded lows before COVID-19 invaded our lives.  He can do it again.  That is my opinion.  God Bless America!   


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