The 2020 presidential election rolls onward

Jerry Jones - CIA retired and Sparta native


 I have often said ‘I never get tired of being right.’  However, I wish the accuracy of my warnings that the Socialist Democrat Party, using mass mailings of generic universal mail-in ballots to dead people, illegal aliens, convicts, past addresses of voters, incapacitated people in nursing homes, patients at mental institutions, under-age individuals, non-existent people and addresses, etc. would try  to steal the presidential election had been wrong.  Unfortunately, I was right.  They did try, but, take heart, their effort is currently stalled.  All they have succeeded in doing is creating a mess. President Trump may yet prevail. To my knowledge, Joe Biden has not been officially certified in any state. Although he may claim to be, he is NOT the president-elect. Victory cannot be claimed in a state as long as recounts are underway or election-connected lawsuits have been filed.  Reportedly, there are over 300 lawsuits currently in play.

There are large numbers of voter fraud complaints in the majority of states. In fact, there are already recounts underway in some states. For instance, in just one county, in Michigan, authorities already have over 234 pages of sworn affidavits alleging fraud. In Nevada, eyewitnesses have reported at least 60 percent of the ballots they saw had the same signature.  One eyewitness said a batch of ballots was counted five times in the voter ballot scanner. Various other eyewitness accounts include seeing (01) the use of the same birthday (Jan. 1, 1900) for unregistered voters so their mail-in ballots could be illegally counted; (02) another 35 non-qualified ballots being included in the vote count; and (04) the same batch of ballots repeatedly and repeatedly being fed through the vote scanner.  These aren’t even the worst violations as there are apparently thousands of such incidents that have been reported across other states. Therefore, I will not belabor the fact that voter fraud was rampant in this election.  Therefore, ordered recounts will most likely show that President Trump is the winner.

If you watched the election results come in on election night, you will recall that some states with most of the votes counted and with Donald Trump leading refused to “call the race” in the president’s favor.  Why did they do that?  The answer is very clear.  They needed to know how many counterfeit ballots favoring Joe Biden would be needed to dump into the system to make Biden the winner.  They didn’t want to dump too many fraudulent Biden votes too soon as it might not be enough, and, if they dumped far too many, it might make the voting public suspicious.  There is no doubt Donald Trump won this election, but it will take a while to prove it.  Depending on the amount of fraud uncovered and laid at the feet of the Socialist Democrat Party, I will be an active participant to disenfranchise it as a recognized political entity.

Candidate Biden has gotten ahead of himself in naming people to positions in his “not yet”  administration.  If you had any doubt about Biden’s plan to ditch our Federal Republic and turn the United States into the world’s largest bankrupt third world Socialist country, take note of the fact that he plans to name ‘crazy’ Bernie Sanders, an avowed 100 percent Socialist, as head of the Department of Labor. I hope you like poverty and potatoes.  That is our future if Biden gets the presidency.  Everyone is going to be equal; i.e. POOR!

In case you’re hoping Biden passes away or is assassinated, that will only make matters worse.  One must remember that Biden’s vice president is Kamala Harris and heir  to the presidency.  She is  even more of a Socialist than Bernie Sanders.  One must be careful what we wish for as you might just get it.  If you are a Democrat, you need to hang your head in shame. Oh, wait a minute, Donald Trump might win his deserved second term as president.

 I urge that you pray this prayer with me.  “Deliver us from the evil we now face.” God, Bless America!    


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