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 Congratulations America! Millions of Americans came out and voted for the first time in years. Excited by an actual candidate that speaks their language and understands their needs; what a show! Except...due to years of neglect, our national vote counting machinery has now been programmed to ignore and/or overcome your vote. Welcome to the brave new world your years of neglect has caused. In your version of the Christmas Story, Tiny Tim has already died, killed off by years of your neglect. How ironic is it that all these Americans will/have discovered the guarantees of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are moot, and their futures will be determined by a bunch of left-wing extremists!

I spent several hours recently, vainly seeking a word of encouragement from those whose counsel have grown to value. It ain’t pretty! About the only encouragement I could find came from writers telling me that Sidney Powell’s case has yet to be dismissed.  

Sidney Powell, you may recall, is the lawyer working to prove the voting machines are, in fact, delivered with the software loaded to make it easy to steal the election. A Michigan judge ordered a forensic (after the vote detective search) examination of the voting machines in question and then sealed the results of that examination. Most likely, the exam revealed “problems” with the machine. After all, there is a reason why the Dominion main players lawyered up and refused to testify in Pennsylvania to a court there to confirm vote rigging was not allowed by their software.

Have any of us ever wondered how it is that a software company that brags about its machine’s ability to change the outcome of a race was adopted by 30 of our 50 states? Does it surprise you that the forensic exam of Michigan’s voting machines were sealed and you didn’t even know about it?

Look people…if it hasn’t occurred to you before now it certainly should now. There is no national news service that tells you the whole, unvarnished truth. We thought we had Fox there for a while, but we have watched an entire news organization commit suicide literally on television. Oh sure, they still have their conservative commentators - for now. But they, too, can be easily disposed of. One need only remember the way Fox dumped O’Reilly to realize no one’s job is safe in this brave new world. I don’t pretend to know whether the accusations of O’Reilly were true or false. But I do know the channel had defended him for years against similar charges. So why stop defending him all at once? Good question! In part, it allowed a far less attractive candidate, Sean Hannity, to become the voice of the channel. But then along came Tucker Carlson, and he ended up being more effective than O’Reilly except that Carlson has some really troubling beliefs of his own. He has carefully hidden them as his popularity has increased, but believe me as a long time watcher of Tucker’s, he has some problems.

There is a channel President Trump is pushing - OANN - One America News Network – channel 347 for Direct TV watchers. But the news readers there are just that – news readers. They are boring to the point of distraction. So it is hard to see them getting a really large following. On the other hand, will we conservatives continue to patronize Fox News when their corporate direction is so clearly to disown their own viewers? Can we possibly be that ignorant?

And while I am at it, are we still patronizing the lying, deceptive Facebook site? I am seriously looking into a site called MeWe. It looks to be the Facebook of the future for conservatives. I have resisted just running out and joining one of the alternative sites, hoping for a clear alternative to emerge. So far, MeWe seems to be that. No – it’s not as big as Facebook. But look how fast FB came on once people knew about it. Mewe could do the same! Surely, we know one thing. We can no longer trust or support Facebook through our participation. Please!

All at once, all that Hunter Biden and James Biden corruption is fair game for reporting. Wow - who knew? If that story took you by surprise, you are watching or reading the wrong news channel. That corruption was disclosed long ago on conservative news sites, which should tell American consumers of news that they were being played. But, they will never know because they will not watch conservative news...might get the conservative “cooties.”

So, my friends, I leave you without a lot of encouragement, and that is by design. I don’t see a lot of encouraging developments out there. Keep the faith!   


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