The powerful words a mother can speak

Christpoint Church


Every time God spoke to a mother in the Bible, he was about to birth something powerful for his glory. God spoke to Samson’s mother before he birthed the strength of Israel. He spoke to Mary before he birthed the salvation of the world. God spoke powerful words into many different women throughout scripture, but the one thing we tend to overlook is the powerful words a mother can speak over her children.

Let’s jump back in time and visit Old Testament Jerusalem in the early days of King Solomon’s reign. The Bible mentions two prostitutes living together in a house with no one else. Both were pregnant, and both had their babies within three days of the other. Terror can impact the judgement of any person, and, at some point in the night, one of the babies was smothered to death by his mother while they slept. The mother became frantic and, in the night, switched the babies to trick the other mother into believing her child was dead. Whether this was evil intent by the wrongful mother or simply fear driven, her motives and approach wee altogether wrong. You will never be happy and at peace by trying to hurt or cause pain to another.

Obviously, when the mother woke, she knew immediately the dead child was not hers. Some of us may ask “how would she know for sure” that the children had been switched? Guys, a mother would just know. What about hair color, complexion, length, and weight differences for the babies? Well, a mother would just know. These women entered a heated dispute and took their case to the supreme court of king Solomon himself. Now this shows the compassion of the king to hear a case that involved prostitutes. These were women that society says don’t matter, but they were still the king’s people. The king heard they’re opening arguments and then spoke those famous words, “bring me a sword.” There are very few times in history where the king’s words took second billing to the words of a prostitute, but what happened next is forever etched in the annals of history. Neither mother was willing to waiver, and, with no witnesses available, the king resorted to drastic measures - he offered to cut the baby in half so each mother would have equal share. The two mothers spoke up, one was willing to let the child die but the real mother cried out for a reprieve, “Oh, my lord, give her the living child, and by no means put him to death.” The king immediately ruled in valor of the real mother and gave her the child.

The words of a mother were powerful enough to save. Her compassion for her child was willing to give him away rather than to see him killed. Solomon became famous worldwide and eternally because of his wisdom in this situation, but his ploy would have failed without her words of salvation.

Let’s dive deeper this Sunday at Christpoint Church, on Liberty Square, Sparta. We will meet you at the door with a smile and a handshake. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.  


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