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The quest to save an endangered republic

Author is Central Intelligence Agency, Ret., and native of Sparta


My recent ‘opinion’ articles have focused on the very real and grave danger that threatens the very existence of our country and the possibility of a civil uprising.  This is not hysteria on my part. I am beginning to see that the American people are awakening and will soon be fully WOKE to the fraud, deceit, and lies of the president, vice president, and the Socialist Democrat Party (SDP) and the threat they pose to all of us.

What are the major and increasing issues in play?

(1) First and foremost, Joe Biden is not a legally elected president, which makes his entire administration and everything they do illegitimate.  In some of the key states, the SDP ignored and violated, on a grand scale, constitutionally-based election laws. Numerous egregious reports of fraud and deceit were not investigated.  That is an indication of just how deep the fraud goes.

(2) Joe Biden is an habitual liar.  He ran on a platform of unity.  To my knowledge, he has not done a single thing to unify our country.  In fact, I have never seen the country more divided.

(3)  The Socialist (dominated) Democrat Party knew that Joe Biden was suffering from senility and possibly dementia even before he became their presidential candidate.  Knowing this, and lacking any other electable presidential candidate, the Socialist Democrat Party fronted him as their presidential candidate and slipped a Socialist female vice president candidate on the ticket as the vice president (VP).   Her VP campaign focused on her gender, not her Socialist ilk, and ignored the fact that she may not have been eligible to run for that position.  She was not born in the U.S., and there are questions as to whether either of her parents were U.S. citizens at the time of her birth.

(4) Joe Biden initiated, with malice of forethought, the present and increasing crisis at our southern border.  His deceitful objective is multi-faceted:  (A) By allowing all legal migrants and illegal aliens to come into the U.S., he is harvesting future voters beholding to the SDP. (B) In keeping with the wishes of big businesses and the U.S. National Chamber of Commerce, he is bringing in very cheap laborers to the detriment of Americans in need of work. (C) He wants to destroy one of President Donald Trump’s greatest achievements; i.e. A controlled and orderly border with Mexico that had reduced illegal alien crossings to a trickle.

(5) By throwing open the border, Biden has created a seemingly never-ending wave of illegal aliens crossing the full length of our southern border who are scattering literally uncontrolled into the interior of our country.  Many of these illegals are infected with COVID-19, which could create another nationwide pandemic.  This, in turn, will give the SDP more control over all of us.  However, it is my belief that the American people are tired of being locked down and told what to do and what not to do. That, in fact, may be the genesis of the potential nationwide civil unrest that I previously referenced.

(6) If not dealt with in an expedient manner, this massive flood of mostly Hispanic people can and may make Hispanics the majority race in our country.   While I have nothing against Hispanic people, I do not intend to surrender the U.S. to a new misplaced majority of people whose ordained part of the world is South America and Spain.  Wonder if Joe Biden ever thought about that?   Oops! Sorry about that! I forgot Joe Biden doesn’t think.  He has other people to do that for him. The problem is they are our real enemies.

I’ve noticed that over the course of the last few days, some politicians and news media people are picking up on the points I made in my article of last week; i.e. that Biden and the SDP are in no hurry to fix the border problem.  It serves as a distraction for what they are trying to push through the Congress without serious public scrutiny.

To refresh your memory, this is what I said about that last week.  Begin QUOTE:  Biden has lost control of the situation, and neither he nor his vice president have any plans to go to the border for a first-hand assessment of the crisis.  In his declining mental state, Biden cannot comprehend the magnitude of the problem much less develop a plan to resolve the situation. I do not believe there is anyone in the Biden camp with the will, knowledge, and/or skills to effectively deal with this disastrous situation.  It is fixable, but I don’t believe they want it fixed.  It keeps the public focused on the border, while the Socialist Democrat Party proceeds with their plans for a one-party nation. END QUOTE.

We the people have a large and complicated problem to deal with.  We must rectify the serious wrongs that have already been done by Joe Biden and the SDP.  And, as I think about that task, I recall what President Ronald Reagan said at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the White House, in 1982. 

He said, “The most sublime picture in American history is of George Washington on his knees in the snow at Valley Forge. That image personifies a people who know that it’s not enough to depend on our own courage and goodness. We must also seek help from God our father and preserver.”  And to that, I say - amen!

God bless America and her patriots!      


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