The tactic of dirty tricks

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 Did you see the recent news story that Congress had received a letter from the National Capitol Police (NCP), in Washington D.C., calling on all members of Congress to support the Socialist Democrat Party’s (SDP) effort to conduct a “911-type” congressional commission to investigate what the SDP refers to as the Jan. 6, 2021 insurgency aimed at overthrowing the U.S. government?  Which is far from the truth.  The brief story about this letter broke on May 20, 2021.  It failed to garner much attention.  If fact, I have not seen or heard anything else about this letter.

In the Central Intelligence Agency we called this “the tactic of dirty tricks.”   How do I know this letter was a dirty trick?  First of all, even though the letter was typed on the letter head stationery of the NCP, it was unsigned.  The lack of even a single signature on such a letter equates to a 90 percent chance that the contents were false, deceitful, and deserving of censure.  A lengthy list of readable signatories would have given some credibility to the letter.  The positive effect created by the use of letterhead stationary was voided by the fact that the letter was unsigned.  Letterhead stationery and envelopes are fairly easy to obtain, and it doesn’t amount to grand theft.

The NCP does have three good reasons to be angry about the Jan. 6, 2021 demonstration.  First, is their understandable  inward anger.  They were unable to control the situation in spite of an admirable attempt to do so.  Had it been just been rambunctious Trump supporters demonstrating outside the capitol building to demand Congress order a recount of the votes given the very questionable outcome of the 2020 presidential election and it’s very questionable outcome, I am confident the NCP could/would have controlled the demonstration.  But, unknown to both the NCP and the demonstrating Trump supporters, clandestine and ill-intended operatives from the Oregon-based Marxist-funded and controlled terrorist group known as ANTIFA had unknowingly infiltrated the large crowd of demonstrators and initiated the storming of the capitol building.

Second, there were a number of NCP officers injured.  One officer  collapsed at the site and died after being transported to a local hospital.   His cause of death was later determined to be from pre-existing conditions.

Third, a NCP officer shot and killed an unarmed woman as she climbed through a broken glass partition/window inside the capitol building.  It has been over four months since this shooting death occurred and, although we know the name of the woman killed, the NCP officer has not been named.

Do not misread what I am saying.  I am very pro-police.  I believe the SDP’s countrywide effort to defund the police is not only idiotic, it is suicidal.  Crime rates are skyrocketing across our country as police departments are defunded.  But, not identifying the NCP officer involved in the noted shooting suggests that the shooting was not just.  Even if it was not just, I find it hard to blame the officer.  In frightening situations split-second decisions are not always the right decision.  Such mistakes, while tragic, are forgivable.

Personally, I believe a “congressional investigation,” would  be politically biased and lacking the objectivity needed in such an important matter.  You might ask what about such an investigation being undertaken by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?  Normally, that is where the investigation belongs.  But, I have the same view of both these federal entities as I do of the currently SDP led Congress.  I categorize the current DOJ and FBI leadership level as merely “fetch hounds” for the SDP.  And, that grieves me greatly.

The unsigned letter from the NCP was a dirty trick to generate support from Republican and Socialist Democrat fence-sitters to vote for the SDP’s sought after authority to run its own politically focused investigation of the January 6, 2021 demonstration at the nation’s capital.  That would ensure that ANTIFA and the SDP’s involvement in said incident would never be confirmed.  Care to guess who I believe originated the unsigned letter?  The initials are SDP.   No surprise there. 


What we need in this politics verses politics situation is an independent group capable of impartiality.  And, who, as a group, can set aside their own individual partiality, and arrive at a fact-based finding.  The nearest thing I have found to such a group is a newly established group of political patriots operating under the name America First Legal. It is a non-profit organization well versed in the laws of the United States and funded by citizen donations and dedicated to the principles agreed on by our Founding Fathers and enshrined in both the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. That is the basis of their name - America First Legal (AFL).  It is anti-Marxist, anti-Socialist, and  anti-communism.  In other words, it is pro-America.

In practical terms, the AFL is a private sector, citizen-based and donation funded inspector general type organization that serves the American citizenry.  The AFL fills the important role of seeing that America comes first and ensuring that the inalienable rights and privileges of all U.S. citizens remain in place and are adhered to.  The services of the AFL are especially important when one political party controls all three branches of government, as is the current case.  That situation should change if the mid-term 2022 elections are not hijacked, like our 2020 elections.  That is my opinion.  You don’t have to agree with me.  But, if you want to be right, it would be a good idea.

Let me leave you with this bit of wisdom from President Andrew Jackson: “The people are the government, administering it by their agents (elected officials); They (the people) are the Government, the Sovereign Power! “ 

It is important that we never forget that.  We the people run the government, and I believe it is about time we issue termination notices to some of our politicians who have either ignored or forgotten that fact, along with their unfulfilled promises.    God Bless America!    

--Jerry Jones, Central Intelligence Agency, Ret, and native of Sparta


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