WCHS Academic Spotlight


“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming.” While it is unknown who first spoke the quote into existence, White County High School senior Alivia Jones has claimed it as one of her favorites and strives to obey its instructions.

Jones is enjoying her time in - and out - of high school as she explores just what it is she is becoming. While the WCHS senior knows she would like to attend a four-year college and pursue a career in psychology, the exact path she will walk has yet to be determined, and she is embracing that uncertainty.

“I want to help people understand the capabilities of their minds,” Jones said.

She isn’t sure whether her next step in academia will take her to Lee University, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, or East Tennessee State University.

“Whether I do that through Occupational Therapy, forensics, or even teaching, I don’t quite know yet,” she said.

To help her explore the creativity and capabilities of her own mind, Jones participates in a long list of activities both at White County High School and throughout the community. Along with being a member of WCHS’s Interact Club, Beta Club, Bible Club, and Poetry Club, she is also a member of the school’s choir and theater programs. Additionally, Jones has been a part of the Washington Youth Tour with Caney Fork, Rotary Youth Leadership Conference, and Crossings Church Camp – all of which she credits with helping her prepare for her future helping others.

“I have volunteered at the White County Public Library over the past two summers,” Jones said.

The faculty at White County High School appreciates Jones’s ability to enjoy the journey she is on while exploring the endless opportunities that await her.

“Alivia Jones is the embodiment of everything we’ve come to expect from the calm, cool, intellectually gifted poet. She’s meek and demure, but not so shy as to never participate,” Jason Crockett, one of White County High School’s English teachers said. “Alivia’s contributions to class are a guiding light for her peers. She’s warm, welcoming, uplifting, and brimful of brilliant insights about her world.”

All perfect qualities for someone who hopes to make a career helping others understand themselves better.         


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