WCMS Students of the Week

Photos for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade


6th grade

Lucy Porter. Lucy is a lovely, young lady. She is prepared for class every day and always has a smile on her face. We enjoy having Lucy in class!

RJ Rogers. RJ is a polite and respectful young man to his teachers and peers. He works diligently in his academics and works just as hard assisting those around him. Whenever the opportunity to help someone presents itself, RJ is always the first to jump in and help. He is an absolute joy to have on our team.

Skylar Turner. Skylar has been a joy to have in class. Each day, she walks in with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. We are so lucky to have her on team Apollo!

7th grade

Alice Patel. Alice has such a sweet disposition and is a pleasure to have in class. We have all been impressed with the way she shows both maturity and adds great insight to class discussions.

Madi Henry. Madi is an outstanding young lady who is such an example to all of her peers. She works hard and is kind to all she encounters every day.

Annie Burrier. Annie is an extremely hard worker who is always willing to help. She is kind to everyone and is truly a joy to be around.

8th grade

Lucas Phillips. Lucas is such a breath of fresh air to have in the classroom! He always shows up with a positive attitude and willingness to help others. We believe his motivation is through the roof more than ever right now because he is learning to write with his left hand after an injury to his dominant right arm, so he can complete his assignments like everyone else. Talk about determined and not looking for an excuse! He truly embodies all the components of Warrior ARMOR (Always be… Respectful, Motivated, Organized, and Responsible).

Summer Phillips. Summer has a positive outlook and attitude in class. She perseveres through challenging problems and sets an excellent example for behavior and cooperation.

Shelby Elam. Shelby is a wonderful example to her peers and is always willing to help others. She exudes confidence in the classroom and works diligently to get her classwork done. We feel lucky to have her on team Spartans!


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