Who is the best choice for a presidential candidate?

Think for Yourself


I know that Troy Smith is a proud member of the Democratic Party, so I understand his editorial from Nov. 9th. First, let me remind everyone that despite his education and position as a college professor, history is his primary area of study. The saying “hindsight is 20/20” must have been written about historians. A satirist once wrote, “The study of history is the voluntary remembrance of society’s mistakes to gain wisdom. Historians are the tour guides directing our attention to the lessons they want learned.” We can forgive Troy for being mistaken about some relatively current events.

I am not a Republican or a fan of Donald Trump, but to continue saying the stolen election theory has been disproven is naïve at best. Troy said the election being rigged “has been proven to be untrue multiple times.” I can recall one investigation deciding there was no election fraud in Arizona and an investigation finding no fraud involving Dominion voting machines. Most of the cases brought by Trump attorneys were dismissed on procedural grounds. There is no doubt that voting laws in some states were altered without the approval of the state legislatures. I guess Troy believes being either a Democrat or a historian allows him to redefine the word “proven.”

Troy said the Republican Party is eating itself. I can’t say that I disagree entirely, but I see the same thing in the Democratic Party. Some members of the Democratic Party have been calling for President Biden to step aside, while others are calling him “genocide Joe” and warning that the people will not forget. Members of the Democratic Party are openly carrying swastikas and supporting the terrorists who violently attacked Israel. These are not “right-wing extremists” in Charlottesville with tiki torches.

I have given my opinion on the presidential candidates before, but let me cover this again. Joe Biden is a disaster. His policies and personality have weakened our country and destabilized the world. Donald Trump is an egotistical, crude buffoon, but I liked his policies, and the world was safer and more stable. Ron DeSantis is Trump without the mean tweets and a bit more of a right-wing social agenda. Vivek Ramaswamy is unfiltered Trump without the workable policies. Chris Christie is the anti-Trump with no real agenda other than opposing Trump. Tim Scott is the Travis Kelsey of politics - a talented, friendly guy who brought his girlfriend to the game to draw attention and interest. I’ll address Nikki Haley later. Robert Kennedy has some good ideas, but they are attached to baggage and conspiracy theories. Cornell West is a radical apologist who never met a controversy he wouldn’t try to exploit for personal gain. Dean Phillips only garnered slight attention when he announced that he was running for president but wasn’t running against the current president. I am still trying to figure out how you do that.

I am afraid I have to be the one to remind Troy that most voters don’t want Trump or Biden. Most voters want someone different. Voters have made it clear they don’t like anyone running, but they would rather return to the policies of Trump than remain with the policies of Biden. Nikki Haley is currently the only practical option besides Trump or Biden. She has not angered Trump supporters, has a solid and popular position on abortion, has the support of the Republican never-Trumpers, and lastly, she is not an old white guy. If Democratic prosecutors quit fueling Trump support, people might realize Nikki Haley is a better option. That may be the idea behind the prosecutions. Maybe Democrats are so afraid of the unpopularity of most of their policies that they want all the attention on the buffoon. I am not a Nikki Haley fan and still wish there were someone better, but she is currently the best option. That is just my opinion, think for yourself.


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