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Good morning one and all, and let’s get started! My apologies for missing our engagement last week, but a nasty little thing called “shingles” tried to take me out. If you’ve … more
 Praise Donald Trump - get canceled. Praise Barack Obama - get canceled. Raise your company’s sales by 1,000 percent - get censored. Welcome to the life of Goya CEO Bob Unanue. The … more
Still posing as the president of the United States, Joe “Come on Man” Biden has already signed 42 destructive and divisive Executive Orders, with more to come. When asked why he was … more
There is an argument that seems to resurface repeatedly that the Constitution has failed, and, as a result, American politics are out of control. I have seen these arguments posited by journalists, … more
You know, it has barely been what? Three days since Biden was inaugurated and look at the progress. Just Friday, he announced that he would be “unable to change the trajectory” of the … more
 For most Americans, there hasn’t really been time to stop and process what happened at the Capitol January 6th. Instead, we’re just trying to survive, fighting off daily waves of … more
 In the doldrums of the last few days, I came across a thought-provoking article written by Mr. Porter Stansberry, a highly successful American financial entrepreneur.  The title of the … more
 It’s a sad world we inhabit. The overwhelmingly popular Joe Biden, must cut the size of his swearing-in program because those evil Republicans might cause trouble. Does anyone believe … more
Congress is also bound by these Constitutional provisions The Guaranty clause at Article IV, §4 Art. IV, § 4 says: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in … more
The winds of war are now blowing across the United States of America.  The Socialist Democrat Party, in fear of a second four-year term of President Donald Trump and with the aid of “high … more
 It’s very difficult to cover all the things that have occurred since last we met here. Frankly, it’s difficult to even list them as I keep thinking of additions to the list as I … more
I hope you had wonderful holidays. I would like to write a warm and wonderful column full of holiday greetings, but the urgency of this moment does not allow. As you read this, folks are either … more
While I hated to end last week’s column on such a pessimistic note, I really do not see much happening in the ensuing week to cause me any additional optimism. Conservatives are seeking out … more
Election Fraud is a federal crime It is the DUTY of the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute the election fraud. It is disgraceful that they have done nothing. The Duty of the … more
 Congratulations America! Millions of Americans came out and voted for the first time in years. Excited by an actual candidate that speaks their language and understands their needs; what a … more
The following shows what the state legislatures and each branch of the federal government have the authority to do to address the monstrous crime which has been committed against our … more
 The following is the body of an Emergency Appeal letter I forwarded to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito, on Nov. 28, 2020.  Subject A addressed the “Imminent and Serious National … more
As I drove around White County over the Thanksgiving holiday, it seemed to me the road was populated with ghosts resurrected from my memory. Ghosts is not really the correct word - fond memories … more
Since the polls closed on Election Night 2020, we still do not have a clear winner in the race for president. As hundreds of thousands, even millions, of ballots have been counted in the days since … more
 So, here we are, at the end of another tumultuous week, and we know little more than we knew last week. The Georgia recount looks to be certified very soon as having been won by Joe Biden. Yet … more
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