Baccalaureate issue brings area pastors together for common cause

Planning has already begun to ensure service continues


As word began to get out about issues facing the school board surrounding the long-standing tradition of baccalaureate services in White County, several area pastors were stirred into action.

 Phone calls and text messages began to circulate between the church leaders.  A meeting was scheduled for Feb. 13, 2023.  A total of 18 pastors from across White County came together in a spirit of unity to pray about what could be done and to pursue solutions that would protect the school administration while ensuring the century-old baccalaureate tradition continued.  Several times a stated purpose of “glorifying God while honoring our seniors” was expressed. 

Understanding that the administration and faculty of the school system can in no way be involved with the planning, promotion, or the service itself, the pastors began to volunteer themselves and their congregations to take on each aspect of the event.  One church would handle the promotional materials, a couple of other churches would take care of stage set up and sound. Every single item on the large “to do list” was quickly taken care of as pastors slipped out to make phone calls to members in the community who were willing to help.

 The gathered ministers left the meeting unified with a shared purpose and passion to step up and ensure that baccalaureate will continue to take place in White County for years to come.  An added benefit to the meeting was the establishment of a ministerial association for White County.  This newly-formed association will provide a vehicle for shared ministry opportunities as the churches of White County seek to serve God and the community.        


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