Blending in instead of standing out

Christpoint Church


 We very easily throw out cliches in general conversations. Many of us have opinions on every situation, from parenting to arm chair quarterbacking. We are quick to let someone know what we would do or how we would act, usually in disagreement to something we’ve witnessed.

Paul Harvey recorded 57 years ago a segment entitled “if he were the devil.” With that in mind, let’s take a look at what Jesus said and how he said it when it comes to living out the Christian life. He gave us instruction, correction, and illustration, all through the lens of parables.

In Matthew chapter 13, Jesus told of a farmer who sowed wheat only to have an enemy sneak in and sow weeds among his seed. The weeds would look just like the wheat and be so interlocked with their root systems that removal would be dangerous to the crops. In fact, the root word in the Greek for these weeds meant they were poisonous. So, pretty much, “if I were the enemy,” I would poison the Christian’s surroundings. I would lure them so close to the world that it would be impossible to tell them apart. I would make them look so much like the world that they would blend in instead of stand out. I would make them look so much like the world that no one would know they’re a Christian.

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 15, “it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him but rather what comes out.” So pretty much again, “if I were the enemy” I would poison their speech. I would defile their speech with negative talk that kills their witness. I would infect their speech so they would destroy themselves with what they say. I would teach them to keep the Lord out of their conversations.

 In Luke chapter 8 Jesus, told of four types of soil. Three of the four soils were very much unproductive. Only 5 percent of the soil was fertile. I think it’s important to mention that Jesus is comparing the soils to the Christian, not the world. So pretty much, “if I were the enemy,” I would poison three fourths of their soil leaving 75 percent of the church non-productive. “If I were the enemy,” I would then work to defeat the remaining 25 percent by mixing the world in with the Christian so it would be impossible to tell them apart.

 As the body of Christ, we are called to stand out instead of blend in, keep the enemy out and our soil fertile. Let’s make this happen together at Christpoint Church.

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