Curtain rising on illegal attempt to overthrow U.S. government


By Jerry Jones - Central Intelligence Agency, Ret. Native of Sparta, Tennessee

At long last, the curtain is slowly rising on the first ever and highly illegal attempt to overthrow the U.S. government and oust a duly elected president.  History calls such an act a coup d’état - a French term, phonetically pronounced, “Coo-Day-Tah.”  Its primary definition is “a violent attempt to illegally overthrow, replace, or undermine a legally established government in order to change political leadership and/or the country’s form of government.”

This attempted coup has no legal standing or precedence.  It is an unlawful undertaking that has two objectives: the forced removal of President Donald Trump, to be followed by the abandonment of 243 years of capitalistic success as a federal republic in favor of socialism, the most failed form of government in the world.

In undeserved fairness to the treasonous coup plotters, subversive instigators, and the anti-American ‘actioneers’ of this ongoing, highly partisan and illegal activity, some gullible and non-realistic members of our society believe the term “soft coup d’état” is a more apropos term for this now rapidly failing conspiracy. The word “soft” implies the lack of violence in this highest of crimes.  I guess they do not remember the university violence and property damage in California, the street violence in the State of Washington, the cross country violence of masked members of ANTIFA, a loosely affiliated left-leaning anti-law and order instigative action arm of the coup plotters, etc.  There is nothing “soft” about that viciousness.

The names of many of the leadership and participation cadre of the seditious coup plotters have been known for a long time.  But, it is only recently that revealing and prosecutable quality evidence of their misdeeds has begun to flow in.  The tireless effort to stop the coup attempt and prosecute the full complement of conspirators is led by U.S. Attorney General William Barr;  John Durham, a Connecticut-based subordinate U.S Attorney General; and Richard Grendel, Acting Director of National Intelligence.  This is an ongoing investigation that, given the perceived depth and width of this conspiracy, may extend well into Donald Trump’s anticipated second term as president.

The first unmasked coup participant appears to be a Socialist Democrat congressman from California.  The certainty of this occurred to me several days ago, when I read a short eight-paragraph commentary by columnist Mike Brest, which he had titled “No one should ever believe another word from Schiff.”  As I expected, the referenced “Schiff” was, of course, Adam Schiff, the Socialist representative from the declining state of California, who led the fraudulent/flagrantly baseless attempt to impeach President Donald Trump just a few months ago.

Mr. Brest’s commentary dealt with a searing May 12, 2020 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial, that exposed Congressman Schiff’s complete lack of integrity.  It also outed him for the unscrupulous fraud that he is.      Congressman Schiff has long been branded as a “congenital liar” by popular TV and radio talk show host, Sean Hannity.  The WSJ editorial   confirms the accuracy of that less than flattering moniker.

The following are pertinent excerpts from Mr. Brest’s publicized commentary, regarding the WSJ’s May 12, 2010, editorial castigation of Congressman Schiff for having purposefully and continuously lied to the WSJ and the public regarding President Trump and his administration:

(01) “The WSJ editorial board urged the media and the public to never again trust House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff because of his repeated (false) claims over the years that there was evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

(02) “Schiff spread falsehoods shamelessly about Russia and Donald Trump for three years even as his own committee gathered contrary evidence.”

(03) “The WSJ’s actual May 12, 2020, editorial included direct quotes (outright lies) from Schiff’s various television appearances in which he (falsely) touted his committee findings of ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ regarding the Trump campaign’s alleged partnership with Russia.”  This particular (false statement) occurred on MSNBC in March 2017.”

The “let there be light editorial” on the part of the WSJ occurred after its editorial board had pored through dozens of witness interview transcripts  and related material subpoenaed by the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee regarding its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Congressman Schiff (repeatedly) opposed the release of these documents.”  Is there any wonder why?

It is my understanding that the long delayed documents, which had to be pried from the files of Schiff’s committee by  subpoena, clearly show that Congressman Schiff repeatedly lied before and throughout the entire failed impeachment process.  Even more serious, the documents confirm that he withheld exculpatory evidence; i.e. evidence favorable to the defendant (in this case President Donald Trump) that exonerates or tends to clear the defendant of any wrongdoing.  In other words, Congressman Schiff, along with his co-conspirator, Congressman Jerry Nadler, knowingly and premeditatively withheld evidence in their possession that would have (a) shown the president innocent of any wrongdoing, and (B) exposed both the Mueller investigation and the impeachment attempt as key elements of an ongoing coup d’état attempt by the Socialist Democrat Party.

At the very least, these documents are grounds for a congressional censure finding or expulsion from Congress.  Although clearly guilty of the willful disregard of congressional rules and regulations, blatant disregard for applicable laws, perjury, lying under oath, per-meditated fraud, breaking a sworn oath of federal office, and withholding exculpatory evidence, don’t count on the rendering of justice.  The Socialist Democrat Party holds a majority in the seats in the House of Representative, and, given their penchant for party before God and country, I expect their lack of integrity to prevail.

Although elected members of Congress have a certain degree of immunity when the legislative body is in a convened status, there is the possibility that the actions/comments of Schiff, Nadler, and others could be ruled an integral part of an illegal coup d’état designed to remove President Trump from office, overthrow the U.S. government, and expose the country to foreign danger.  That would void their immunity from prosecution.  At least that is my opinion.  The president could end up having to run the country by  executive orders.

Take heart!  The curtain exposing the mass conspiracy, the ill-fated coup d’état and the illegitimacy of the Socialist Democrat Party is just beginning to rise.  I hope for full exposure before election day, Nov. 3, 2020.  God Bless America!


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