In the heat of the moment

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It always happens when we are not watching, when we’re not careful or even tired and worn out. I was installing some trim once, and, because of time constraints, I was working late at night. I cut a few pieces either too short or with the wrong angle. It was late, I was tired, and my judgement wasn’t as sharp. Many accidents happen because of sleep deprivation and compromised judgement. Sometimes we’re just too worn out and wearied to proceed.

This is a pretty accurate picture of today’s struggles in life. The enemy is working overtime in these few remaining last of days, and Daniel wrote of these struggles thousands of years ago. Of course, Daniel is speaking of the time of tribulation and the attack on the church by the antichrist, but many believe that we are so close to these coming final days that its shadow is casting upon on us now. Daniel recorded in 7:25 that he (the antichrist) shall speak words against the Most High and shall wear out the saints of the Most High. This is what I do know concerning this end times statement and that is, if you are serving the Lord - the Most High, then you are under attack. Also it seems the louder one’s voice is for Christ, the more violent the attacks are. This scripture speaks of a cruel and systematic pressure, coming from the word “to wear away” or “to wear out,” as friction wears clothes or shoes. One commentator of scripture wrote, “To wear out the saints means to harass them continually so that life becomes a wretched existence.” Such continual and protracted pressure far more effectively breaks the human spirit than the single moment of crisis that calls for a heroic decision.

People are falling away from Christ for many reasons but one of those I’m sure is because they’re simply wearied and tired of fighting. I recently watched a young family under attack by the enemy so vehemently that they were forced to step away from the fight in order to save their marriage and children. They were wearied, and I could see it in their eyes and actions.

Even the greatest of leaders can make the simplest of errors under the pressures of weariness. In the book of Numbers chapter 20, Moses allowed the relentlessness of the people’s ungratefulness to wear him down, and, in his frustration, he ever so slightly altered the command of the Lord. God told him to speak to the rock to bring forth water. Instead, he struck it - not once but twice. Moses had allowed the pressures of life to wear him down like an old shoe or garment. When things are worn out, they tend to be discarded or of no worth.

The enemy wants to wear you down so you will quit serving, following, and believing. He wants you to make an emotional lasting decision to a temporary frustration. He wants you to lash out at the ones you love. Remember, accidents happen when we’re wearied. Don’t let one of those be your soul or the soul of your family.

 We’re Christpoint Church, on Liberty Square, in Sparta. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Welcome home.


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