The last man standing

Christpoint Church


 We’ve heard of the best man. We recognize Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, but what about “the last man?” Not everyone wants to be the last man in line or the last man picked for the team. Sometimes, being the last man is kind of like being the youngest sibling; you’re only the favorite to Mom and Dad.

Jesus was continually surrounded by men and women throughout his ministry. He had to preach from a boat because of the rush of the crowd. He climbed mountains in order to address them more clearly. He even fed multitudes of folks just trying to catch another glimpse of him or hear his voice or feel his touch. He once challenged an angry mob with stones with a single finger in the dirt. Each of these encounters all had something in common - everyone eventually left. And, at some point, the last man was left standing.

No matter how powerful Jesus words were or how his presence changed every life at the end of it all, only one man was left standing. It wasn’t the one who vowed to fight or the twin who was willing to die, it was the one that leaned in when others leaned out. What does it take to be the last man? Let’s see.

John 21:20 gives us a clear picture of the heart of the last man. During the toughest time in the life of Jesus, he needed someone to risk everything for the sake of intimacy. Jesus knew what our world today tries to avoid, and that is there can be no birth outside of intimacy. Jesus was about to birth one of the world’s greatest Christian apologist, evangelist, leader, and revelator. John would stay with Jesus during his torturous march to Calvary. He would become public enemy number one as the new Christian church developed. He would be abandoned, boiled and threatened on the regular. Lives would be saved by the thousands, and he spoke with anointing, healed with passion, and led with the heart of Christ. All of this was birthed from intimate opportunities to lean in.

Great birthings are only possible through intimacy. God is not frivolous with his anointing. If we are to become powerful in him, then it will be because of the moments we chose to press in and know his heart.

We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Christpoint Church is on Liberty Square, in Sparta, and we will meet you at the door this Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Welcome home.      


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