Minute with the Mayor



What does this new year look like for the city of Sparta?


The city’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. It is very important that we do some planning for the future. Too often elected officials have a short-term plan that spans their time in office. I have told our aldermen we need a 100-year vision for our community. We must look past our terms and create a foundation and future for those that will come after us. We must strive to make sure we plan to keep our infrastructure up to date and all the while making sure we plan for the growth that our community will experience. We must look at our electrical grid and explore our options that will best provide power to our community. This may include solar and nuclear options.

We must also look for a second water source in case our current system ends up not being able to be used. We continue to strive to upgrade our sewer and water systems to be able to provide that service in the future. We will begin looking at our projects this month and preparing our budget for next year. Know that the city board of aldermen desires to hear your concerns and wishes for our community. Who knows, maybe you will see your idea come to life within our city.

Be safe out there. Finish strong.        


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