Minute with the Mayor


What a week it has been for downtown Sparta, Tennessee. The entire town seemed captivated by the demolition of the historic Sparta Hardware building, a place many have visited and where most in our community have purchased furniture from the owner, Bruce Vaughn. Grissom Underground Construction executed the project with remarkable professionalism and skill, minimizing damage to the street and surrounding areas.

The demolition was carried out with precision, and, after about three hours of work, the front part of the building was brought down. Debris was promptly cleared and piled up where the building once stood. Once the cleanup was completed, the city streets were reopened for citizens.

Watching the historic building come down was bittersweet, but it was necessary to reopen the streets. The landscape of the historic district of downtown Sparta has changed with the building now being down.

What once was a landmark building used for directions and fellowship among friends is now a thing of the past. One moment that seemed to reach into the hearts of those watching was when the Sparta Hardware sign, painted on the brick, collapsed during the demolition.

We do not yet know the future plans for the site, but the memories of the Sparta Hardware store will not soon be forgotten. The building’s owner is now considering the next steps for the property.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed as the process moves forward.

Be safe out there, and FINISH STRONG.    


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