Minute with the Mayor



Is there ever going to be a red light at the intersection of Miller’s Point Road and Highway 111? 


Great question.  Highway 111 is a Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) controlled road.  We had requested a traffic study to see if that intersection has enough traffic to warrant putting a light there.  The traffic study conducted by TDOT stated that, at the present time, no light will be added there with state funds.  We have since requested the state to look at this issue once again.

The city of Sparta seems to think that a traffic light is a need due to increased traffic from the businesses there - the Life Care of Sparta access and the school buses that leave and return from that location.  We (the city) will continue to look at our options and will continue to maintain contact with TDOT to see what can be done there at that intersection. 

In the meantime, I think we drivers can help by not clogging up the middle area by stacking up two or three vehicles while trying to negotiate the intersection.  Please be mindful of the right of way for crossings and allow a single vehicle to move through the intersection while waiting for your time to move. 

Be safe out there.


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