Minute with the Mayor



What is the process of a new business coming into Sparta?


Great question. Often the city is not the first one to know a business is interested in opening up in Sparta.  The corporation does various studies and often talks with the State of Tennessee before ever contacting the city.  The city of Sparta is active in trying to bring business models here, but often we do not meet some of the guidelines that major corporations have to open a business.

The proposed business finds a property they are interested in and then contacts the owner to discuss the purchase or lease of the stated property.  If they come to an agreement, then the proposed business owner contacts the city to discuss the various options on that property. 

The business owner looks at the utilities, such as gas, water, sewer, and electricity, that are available to the property of interest.  They inquire about the building codes, regulations, and zoning for the property.  Once they have settled on a property, then the city will discuss the various planning, site plans, and proposals for the business. 

When all is said and done, the new business owner begins development and construction on the site they have chosen.  It is the business owner’s decision as to what type of business they are willing to invest in here in our town.  The planning commission will work hand in hand with the business to get the construction moving forward. 

When you see construction and building taking place, then know that the business owner has taken several steps to get to that point.  It is not something that takes place overnight. 

As a mayor, I find it exciting that a business owner is willing to invest in Sparta.  Business owners weigh the cost of building and business and make that decision to build and open here in Sparta. 

A part of the freedoms we have as Americans is the freedom to pursue a business that one has a desire to open and serve a community.  I am thankful for all the business owners who have invested and for the future businesses that will make the call to come to Sparta with their investment in our community. 

Be safe out there, and finish strong.           


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