Wanting to be two places at once, decisions are difficult


Some of the attributes that are attributed to God are omniscience (knowing all things), omnipotence (having all power) and omnipresence (being present in all places). Although I want to be more like Him in some ways, I don’t think I could handle all the “omnis.” There are some things I do not want to know. I am certainly not capable of controlling supreme power, and I’m afraid being everywhere at the same time would make me extremely dizzy.

However, sometimes I would like to be two places at one time.

For example, when Nahnee and I were at Carolina Beach, celebrating K.G.’s birthday, Grayson was playing his first full-contact football game, in Mt. Juliet. We wanted to be there and also in North Carolina, but we couldn’t be both places.

Next weekend, we were in Petersburg, Virginia, helping Stephanie, Gilbert, and the Nash kids get settled in their new home, and Grayson was playing in his second game of tackle football. Again, we could not be both places.

As a 9-year-old, Grayson has looked forward to putting on the pads and helmet for years. His first two games were awesome, but we missed them. Both times, what we were doing was very important and very enjoyable. Just wish we coulda been two places at once.

In his first game, he made the defensive play of the game, with a tackle behind the line of scrimmage on fourth and short. I think he made about a hundred tackles, but I got to see a video of that particular play.

The next weekend, G played an outstanding game on offense, scoring the first touchdown of his career on a pass – breaking a tackle and rambling into the end zone. We also saw that play by way of text message. I was so proud of him. Surely, all those passes from Papa on the playground across the street from our house prepared him for that moment.

Grayson certainly has some strong, God-given athletic ability. At his tender age, he has already excelled in baseball, basketball, and soccer – as well as football. He is willing to study the game(s) and work hard to be the best. In any sport, in fact in anything in life, attitude and effort are of vast importance.

We can hardly wait to see him play in person, but it will be a few weeks. Obviously, we are proud of our grandchildren. Most of us who have grands would like to spend more time with them, maybe just to spoil them and send them home, but we are proud of all of them when they work hard to succeed. They’re just so cute...and so precious!

We can be children of God, but not His grandchildren. We may not always be cute in His eyes, but He is gracious and forgiving…even when we drop the ball. Although I might like to be two places at the same time, sometimes, I could not handle being God. I’m glad He’s God and I’m not. Though He sometimes must correct His children, He loves us with an incomparable and unconditional love. We just don’t have as much love, as much grace, as much forgiveness as He does; but we should strive to be more like Him in those areas.

A Christian song that is popular now says to God, “If I were you, I would’ve given up on me by now…” I am extremely grateful that He is God…and I’m not.                

Steve Playl: playlsr@yahoo.com


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