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Since the polls closed on Election Night 2020, we still do not have a clear winner in the race for president. As hundreds of thousands, even millions, of ballots have been counted in the days since … more
 So, here we are, at the end of another tumultuous week, and we know little more than we knew last week. The Georgia recount looks to be certified very soon as having been won by Joe Biden. Yet … more
 I have often said ‘I never get tired of being right.’  However, I wish the accuracy of my warnings that the Socialist Democrat Party, using mass mailings of generic universal … more
 It is a deliberate false narrative that the Speaker of the House would be appointed as acting president if the popular votes are not all counted by Jan. 20, 2021. This narrative is derived from … more
American public education is at a crossroads. We face unforeseen and unique challenges educating the next generation during this global pandemic. It will necessitate concerted … more
 Why is socialism so popular? Less than 10 years ago, you couldn’t refer to “socialism” in a positive way and hope to have a career in American politics. Socialism was referred … more
As I sit here writing this, America is awaiting the naming of our next president. It seems clear, at this point, that the president will be Joe Biden, yet questions remain. What might they be … more
More rioting and looting broke out in American cities this week. This time, it was Philadelphia consumed by violence after a police shooting. According to ABC News, at least 30 police officers … more
 I am going to focus most of this article on Joe Biden, not because I want to but because there is so much to share about him and so little time to do it. Just to get started you do realize that … more
We are on the eve of the most important presidential and congressional election in the history of the United States.  The differences between the two presidential candidates and what they stand … more
Elections are messy. As the day of any election gets closer, more stories are leaked as opponents and muckraking journalists try to hurt the opposition’s campaign. This process can be … more
I just finished listening to Joe Biden speak about his COVID-19 plan. It sounded remarkably like Trump’s. The only real difference is Joe much prefers the heavy hand of the federal government … more
 Our family is loving the beautiful fall weather! We’ve built bonfires, played pickleball, and walked in the woods. Our windows are wide open, and we are soaking up the sunshine. While the … more
Is there a problem with universal mail-in balloting? Sounds simple enough: You fill out a ballot, stick it in the mail; somebody counts it on Election Day. In fact, we already do that with … more
 On the eve of the most important presidential election in our lifetime, as both a concerned citizen and American patriot, I am using the format of my Opinion Article to put forth a dire … more
I am sorry I missed the deadline last week for submitting my article and lost a valuable pre-election chance to talk with you. But, looking around, I see we are all back this week, so let’s get … more
This particular article is meant to transcend Republican and Democrat party lines.  It is an appeal to put “America First.”  In the storied history of our country, there has … more
Perhaps the only silver lining to public schools going virtual out of an irrational fear of the coronavirus is that many parents are finally taking a closer look at what their children are learning. … more
 He ventured where no other man of his age dared to go. He saw things no other man of his age had ever seen. He discovered a New World. For centuries, he was universally admired as a hero. … more
Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, was a sad and discouraging day for the Socialist Democrats and their cabal of Marxists, Communists, Atheists, Anarchists, and their brainwashed anti-America base.  At … more
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