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I have spoken often in this space about the spate of “divisive concepts” laws passed by our state’s general assembly, which impose draconian restrictions on how subjects such as … more
 Last week, the Supreme Court took up the issue of whether Colorado can bar Trump from the presidential ballot based on the 14th amendment and heard oral arguments. It may be several weeks … more
­My Martin Luther King Day speech was canceled for snow, so - for Black History Month - I am presenting it here. I begin with a lengthy quote from a Dr. King speech in 1968: “We are … more
 I want to preface this week’s piece by mentioning the passing of Donald Holman, who was one of my “opposite numbers” on this opinion page. I did not know him personally, but I … more
As you probably know, a couple of weeks ago, Nikki Haley, at a town hall appearance, was asked this question by someone in the audience: “What was the cause of the Civil War?” Her … more
 I dislike doing this because there are more important topics to discuss. Still, it is necessary to correct the record about Donald Trump. Troy Smith seems happy to misrepresent the facts and … more
 First, I hope everyone had a merry Christmas (or other holiday) and wish all a happy new year. That said…. Boy, is this year ending with a political bang. As you probably already … more
 As you read this, the Supreme Court is in the process of deciding whether or not to hear an expedited case brought by special counsel Jack Smith on whether Trump, as a former president, has … more
There was a constant joke while I was in the military that the term “military intelligence” was an oxymoron. An oxymoron is two things you wouldn’t naturally put together or a … more
Recently, my friend, John Gottlied, complained that I had spent two columns in a row talking about how bad Trump and the Republicans are rather than being balanced and talking about what I am for, … more
As is typical, education is a subject where Troy Smith and I agree in principle but have cavernous differences in the details and defining terms. Most individuals know that I am a strong supporter of … more
 Tennessee - where we’re always the first to jump out of the plane, because we skip the line where they’re handing out parachutes. This time we are - once again - in the news because … more
I have a suggestion for all the political pundits out there. Tell us what you or your party stands for, and quit trying to tell us how bad the other guys are. My friend, Troy Smith, has used his last … more
I know that Troy Smith is a proud member of the Democratic Party, so I understand his editorial from Nov. 9th. First, let me remind everyone that despite his education and position as a college … more
I write this the day after Veterans Day - and, for various reasons, service has been on my mind lately. Last week, I co-taught a class on facilitating civil discussion with visiting retired … more
In a world characterized by instant updates, relentless competition, and constant connectivity, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are grappling with an unwelcome companion – … more
I have been talking about the origins of slavery in America. In part, I’ve been doing so because there is a lot about that subject that most people don’t know - and our current political … more
Last week, I talked about how slavery started in the English colonies and the fact that, for much of the 1600s plantation, labor was done by three groups -African slaves, white indentured servants, … more
I am tired of weak-willed leadership and leaders who need to think more logically. I am also tired of a flaccid citizenry willing to accept the garbage from both major parties in Washington. If … more
In the last couple of weeks, I have talked about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, how it started, and the role Portugal and Spain played in its expansion. This week, I’m going to discuss it in … more
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