City of Sparta passes budget for new fiscal year

Board approves the solicitation of bids to replace sewer lines


 City of Sparta held two public hearings and then subsequently voted to approve the budget for the upcoming year.

On June 17, at the regular meeting of Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen, a public hearing was held for the city’s residents to discuss any concerns they may have about the proposed annual appropriations for the city for the fiscal year that begins on July 1, 2021.  Additionally, a public hearing was scheduled so that residents could ask questions or make comments to the proposed general revenue for the upcoming year as well.

With no members of the public attending the hearings, the board moved on to approve both Ordinance 21-938: Making and Fixing the Annual Appropriations of the Several Departments of the City and Ordinance 21-939, known as the General Revenue Ordinance. The two ordinances combine to set the city’s budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year and were passed unanimously on both their first and second readings during the month of June.

Additionally, the board approved Property Tax Change of Assessments for both Dr. Greg Boston and Dr. Kevin Smith (dentists who share same location) and John T. Hall Construction Inc. The changes were because of changes in both businesses reporting on specified lines of their personal property tax reports.

The board also approved recent bid results for the purchase of various sizes of rock and gravel. Rogers Group and Middle Tennessee Limestone submitted the same price for all but one size of rock. The board chose, on the recommendation of public works director Dillard Quick, to purchase rock from both companies. The exception is that the City of Sparta will purchase one-half-inch chips exclusively from Middle Tennessee Limestone because their bid price was 50 cents per ton less than that of Rogers Group.

The board also approved to begin the solicitation of bids for a project on Quill E. Cope and North Church streets to repair and replace old sewer lines.

During the final meeting of the 2021 fiscal year, the board also witnessed as Patrolman Charlie Sims took the oath of office as the newest member of Sparta Police Department.

The next Sparta Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be 5 p.m., July 1, on the second floor of city hall.             


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